By Marc Mandell

@Mandell_W Twitter

Hello everyone. So let me start by apologizing for my little hiatus over the end of the summer. A few family matters and a very busy day job has had me away from all 6 of my loyal readers. Thank you for hanging in there, as i do really appreciate it. Weekly updates will be the standard. With that said, on to finishing up the schedule for our favorite team the Denver Broncos.

So what do you guys think so far? We have eclipsed the half way mark. 8 up, 8 more to go. I have the Broncos at 6-2 so far. Halloween has come and gone, and for most us, Thanksgiving is coming up in a few weeks and the playoffs are starting to come into view. The Broncos will be competing against….. wait for it…… a little longer, I can’t believe I’m gonna say….the Oakland Raiders! Yep, that rag tag group of misfits, false starts and defensive incohearants. But hold on now, If you are a KC fan or a San Diego fan, just hold on for a minute. This division has been one sided for a number of years now. Troupe alert, I know. And despite my detest of the Silver and Black, I have to admit that they have gotten a lot better. They are finally out from underneath that salary cap hell scape they were trapped in for half a decade. Their draft picks have gotten better as well. Kalil Mack can be special in the NFL. He can rush the passer with the best of em. Calm down Raider nation, he’s good but he’s not Von Miller. They drafted the better Carr sibling a couple years ago, and he looks like he will be the real deal. The point, is that they have improved. Not only by Raider standards, but by those of the NFL. That’s why I think the division will come down to Denver and Oakland. Oakland is a really, truly improved team and I can’t help but think that this is the year they make some hay. I understand that I have written some pretty bold statements already. Some of you are reading these things and thinking that I am a complete sociopath. This guys is a damn moron!! Yeah, welcome to the party! But I don’t feel that 6-2 by the half way mark is all that bad. I still believe that Denver will make the playoffs, and that they will have some success there too. That however, at a later date. So for now lets move on to the next leg of the season.


Wow, well that I needs some hand washing, because that felt dirty. As a Bronco fan, Raiders are the sworn enemy. I’m just trying to give some truth you guys. So don’t fret Broncos Country, back to the good word here. Well good for just a moment. The next stretch for Denver is going to get a good bit more difficult. A coupe more losses acrew, but a couple of W’s will emerge from this 5 week stint in the middle of the season. Two divisional games, one in the AFC South, and Denver finishes up the NFC South. I know, I know, you’re ready for cryin out loud.


DEN 14 – 21 OAK Ouch!! I just…..ouch! Look this really hurts to write. My keys are literally trying to jump off their positions on the key board. So how about this instead. How about I just be really brief? Broncos lost, it stings really bad. I hate Oakland. Good job Raiders or whatever. Blech!! Lets just move on shall we.


DEN 17 – 18 NO Here is the last out of conference game for the year. The Sunshine on my god damn shoulder New Orleans Saints. Ole Scooby Drew Brees brings an offense that has no choice but to get more efficient by better ball distribution, and an improved running game. I know Drew Brees can get it done again. He is one guy I can never doubt. And with no more Capt. Wild Bill Wichowski at the defensive helm, improvements on both fronts are expected this year. Rob Ryan has moved on, to eat, I mean coach with his brother Rex in Buffalo. They can win the offseason together up in Buffalo. Anyway, the Saints should have it together this year. They clicked last year, but It was too little too late. By the time the team started to gel, the season was very nearly over. New year, new pieces, new results. Yes the Broncos lose again. I know this is uncomfortable to read, but for all of Peyton’s flaws, especially in the end, he was still magnificent. That is an enormous loss. And it’s not something that can easily be reproduced. The bleeding stops though as the Broncos return to Denver after the Bye week to face…


KC 14 – 20 DEN With a week off, much needed rest and rehab have allowed our Denver Dynamos to return to the field with a recouped Offensive and Defensive line, refreshed running backs and well rested wide receivers. The Kansas City Chefs, yes the Chefs, come to the Mile High City, with what I hope to be a similarly named stadium, to flex there farming muscles to the Broncos. KC, you are going down like Charlie Brown. As long as check down Alex is still managing the offense, a break out year will have to wait. Sure the defense is good. Sure Jamal Charles will return to the fold, but KC still had problems moving the ball through the air last year. Travis Kelce now, he is the truth. Kelce can, and very often does, play with incredible talent, focus and physicality. He shows up ready to work every week. He is a threat, and can make so much happen on any play. The difference for the Broncos is that in addition to having everyone more healthy, the QB could very well have had a change as well. Now I’m not sure if Trevor Siemien really Is as good as the media is making him out to be or not, but I certainly can believe why he would be farther along than the other two QBs on the roster. It his second year under Kubiak, and though it wasn’t as much time as Brock, Trevor did get to see how the best in the business went through his daily routine. Because Sanchez is no longer a part of the team, this will be the week we could see Paxton Lynch. If Trevor isn’t playing very well. The coaches will have seen enough from all three to put the Broncos in the best position to win for the rest of the year. And Kansas City is the first victim. I’m not apologizing for any of this by the way.


DEN 24 – 14 JAX The last game before the last big push of the season. 75% of the season Is in the rear view mirror and fans of all teams that are above .500 are now honing in on their team making the playoffs. The Jaguars are no different. Houston couldn’t get it together this year, despite JJ Watts’ unworldly play, and unfortunate injury. The Colts are in command of the division, and Tennessee is still floundering. Somehow. So this is THE game for Jacksonville. Up to this point the Jaguars have not had as important of game as this is all season long. That’s why the fans will be so dejected when their home team losses and they miss the playoffs for the 35th consecutive year. Just a little hyperbole folks. I can only imagine how the Browns, Jaguars, Bills, Rams fans must feel year after year. I do think that Jacksonville is on the right swing for their team, but one more year is needed to me. Meanwhile, the Broncos keep on rollin. 170 yards on the ground between two backs, 1-2 turnovers from the killer Denver Defense and the Broncos are helping to control their own fate come January time.


The last quarter of the season will hands down be the most exciting football that Denver Fans will see up to this point. The entire season has built to the last 4 weeks. We will see familiar foes, and hated enemies. No weeks off, no days off, no plays off. Potentially three playoff teams to clean up the last three weeks of the year. Divisional siblings and conference cousins await edge of your seat football for the last month. With a record of 8-4 by this point, many of us as fans will have a load of questions. Radio personalities will be bellowing from their soap boxes. Here we go guys.