There were rumblings coming out of San Fransisco last week when Jared Goff and Carson Wentz worked out for the 49ers that the team was interested in trading up to get one of the premier QBs in the 2016 NFL Draft. Picking at #7 there would be no guarantees that Chip Kelly would be able to get either Wentz or Goff with Cleveland picking second and Dallas picking fourth. With the Titans picking first with no need for a quarterback they are officially open for business and could play the Browns, Cowboys, 49ers and other teams against each other to rack in extra picks to build for the the future.

Cleveland also likes both quarterbacks and is playing it close to the vest by also working out the QBs and other prospects like Ohio State linebacker Joey Bosa. Sitting at #2 they could trade up with the Titans if they think another team may try to leapfrog them and get the first shot at a new QB.

The Cowboys have been high on Wentz since the Senior Bowl in February. Jerry Jones has gone on record stating that they will not select a quarterback in the first round but has worked out Wenzt and Goff. Tony Romo isn’t getting any younger and Dallas may need to pull the trigger and get a QB at #4.

Another wildcard in the trade rumors is Philadelphia at #8. The Eagles have also worked out Wentz and Goff and could also be eying a way to get to the top of the draft to make sure San Fransisco, Cleveland and Dallas don’t get their man. The Rams could also be in play at #15. While I don’t believe Titans’ GM Jon Robinson wants to trade back that far Los Angeles does have two second round picks to play with if they wanted to get to #1.

By picking at #7 the Niners are in a decent spot in order to get Tennessee to bite on a potential trade. The Titans generally want to stay in the top 5 to be able to get Ole Miss left tackle Laremy Tunsil or Florida State cornerback Jalen Ramsey. If San Fransisco trades up to #1 and gets Wentz or Goff and Cleveland grabs whoever is left. That leaves four teams in front of them who may or may not take Ramsey or Tunsil.

San Diego at #3 could take Tunsil and the Titans could take the next best left tackle, Ronnie Stanley from Notre Dame. But with Joey Bosa, DeForest Buckner, Myles Jack and Ezekiel Elliott still on the board Jalen Ramsey could slide down to the Titans at #7 depending on how things shake out.

If San Fransisco does want to jump six spots to #1 it will cost them. Tennessee wants to move back but they don’t want to give it away. The Titans won’t get the haul that the Rams got in 2012 when they traded back with Washington but they could realistically get the Niners 2016 first round pick (#7), second round (#37), third round (#68) and next year’s first round. This would give Tennessee enough picks to get to their roster back to respectability where they could be contenders in the AFC South for years to come.

If the Titans did trade back and take the 49ers first, second and third round along with their first round next year they would pick at #7, #33, #37, #64 and #68. Jon Robinson could bundle some of those picks together and trade back up into the first round and get another potential starter like A’Shawn Robinson, Robert Nkemdiche or Laquon Treadwell in the latter part of the round.

With just over three weeks left until the draft expect to hear more chatter about potential trades. Tennessee wants out of #1, the question is if someone will be able to give them what they want to move back.