On Friday, the Pittsburgh Steelers released their cornerback, Cortez Allen, who had played with them for five seasons. Sadly, less than 20 months ago, Allen signed a generous contract with the Steelers for an extension. Unfortunately, it was impossible to predict that he would struggle with injuries during his last two seasons. In those two seasons, Allen played less than 15 games.

Allen had been removed from his starting lineup position, resulting in being benched from his injuries. This will make Allen the third cornerback that the Steelers will not have retained going into the season. The other two, Anton Blake and Brandon Boykin, have signed with other teams: the Tennesee Titans and Carolina Panthers. With the release of Allen the Steelers will save almost 2 million dollars for their salary cap.

After the Steelers had released Allen on Friday, he responded the best way possible: positively.

Allen Cortez Tweets about leaving
Allen Cortez Tweets about leaving

Allen finished his Steelers career with 56 career games, 150 tackles, 34 passes defended, 6 interceptions, 3 forced fumbles, and a touchdown.

Though Allen may not be a Steeler anymore, we appreciate the time he put in for the Steelers and wish him the best on his journey.