For some football fans this can be a very exciting time of year. Not only do we look forward to spending time, eating and opening gifts with family and friends, but it is also a time that brings excitement and anticipation because our team is advancing to the post season and may win a trip to the Super Bowl.
On any given Sunday for 60:00, there are 22 men on the football field who are getting paid more money than the average person will see working 40 hours a week for 40 years. Very few humans are paid millions of dollars to run and roll around on the grass while throwing, catching and kicking footballs. So, one would infer that every game gets 100 percent effort, heart and passion.

If you’re a novice fan, you have probably chosen a team based on its colors, mascot, a certain star athlete or maybe that they have won lots of games. Then there are fans like myself who just may have an unhealthy emotional connection to a sports team.

So here we are, we are here and to be honest with you it hasn’t been easy being a Jets fan for quite some time now.  We’ve been nauseous, depressed and out right angry at our New York Jets for the last 16 weeks. Unforgettably, I can also recall feeling this way this time last year and the years before that. Comparably, until the world series earlier this year I’m sure it was not easy being a Chicago Cubs fan for 108 years. But that’s an orange and we should talk apples.


Having to always make excuses is not only annoying but equally embarrassing.
“I’m on record as being a sore loser”. I hate losing. You show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.”
Cam Newton
At this point in the season, we know all the stats we need to know. We know the Patriots and they know us. We also know the Jets can dominate the Pats for at least 58:00 as demonstrated back in their November 27 matchup at MetLife.  But according to Jets defensive coordinator Kacy Rodgers, Brady seems to be getting better with age. By the way, that’s not an excuse!
Moving into tomorrow’s battle in Foxborough some of us have already proclaimed that we’re not watching anymore until the Jets make some smart and meaningful changes.
Some expected and overdue changes have already been made at QB and one change that excites me the most is that maybe undrafted free agent TE Jason Vander Laan will be on the field. If Chan Gailey decides to use him as a TE and not an outside blocker, then maybe Bryce Petty will have another throwing option. We also know that we will not have coach Bowles on the sidelines or in Foxborough. Assistant coach Mike Caldwell will join us in battle.m

As I prepare myself for tomorrow’s game I accept that there’s always hope; but understand that hope isn’t always enough. It is only one variable in an equation and requires the addition of an opposite variable to create the desired outcome. It is not impossible for the Jets to beat the Patriots tomorrow or ever.

But it does and will require the Jets to play football for 60:00.
I am ready and I hope you are too!


#JetReady #JetUP #NYJvsNE