The biggest question facing the 2016 version of the Pittsburgh Steelers may just be is the coaching staff willing to go with Landry Jones as their backup quarterback. This may have not seemed that big until you see the starting quarterbacks already dropping without a regular season snap even taking place (Cowboys Tony Romo out again and Vikings Teddy Bridgewater torn ACL in practice). The Steelers have mainstay Ben Roethlisberger entering his 13th season (34 years-old) with the offense sure to fire on all cylinders as long as Big Ben can continue his remarkable climb up the statistical legends monument and most important stay healthy.

His health was an issue last year when he missed four games because of foot, knee and head injuries but that was the first time he has missed games since the 2012 season. The head injury is different as always but the lower body injuries may start catching up to him and his age. A key to Big Ben’s game is his mobility and improvisation to the point of making a sack and loss of yards into a huge play down the middle to Antonio Brown for a touchdown.

As I said Big Ben is not adverse to injury so let’s go find on which maybe tougher this year with two big injuries already.

The top choice for the Steelers as a new backup maybe West Virginia product and New York Jets bust Geno Smith who is more than available and could come cheaply with the Jets have a set starter and two youngsters behind the starter.

Mark Sanchez of the Broncos has been discussed as trade bait seems really unlikely because the Broncos are very thin as quarterback and I can’t see them sending him away just yet.

Michael Vick is a free agent but as the saying goes been there and done that.

Mike Glennon is the backup to Jameis Winston at Tampa Bay and will not see the field in the near future. He has great upside and has already produced in the league and is only 26 years old. The big downside may be the asking price to trade for him with Tampa Bay trending foreward but still with great needs.

Colin Kaepernick is on thin ice in San Francisco for his poor play and new found anti-anthem politics but I think he has to prove his worth on the field again before he can be traded for. I actually think he will be released sooner rather than later so teams just have to wait out the 49ers situation.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will look at Geno Smith for many reasons but most of all because he should come cheaply in a trade.