The New York Jets should trade Muhammad Wilkerson for either Colin Kaepernick or Sam Bradford. 

You do not need to be a personnel expert to know when something makes common sense.

Insert the New York Jets who have a defensive tackle, Muhammad Wilkerson, who has not signed his $15.7 million franchise tag. They also have Geno Smith slated as the starter at quarterback.

Why do the Jets not trade Wilkerson for a quarterback? Colin Kaepernick and Sam Bradford are former franchise quarterbacks up for grabs. Neither player wants anything to do with their current teams.

Either of those guys could easily win a starting job from Geno Smith. Grated, both of them could also not be much of an upgrade over Smith too. However, it is a risk worth taking considering Wilkerson might just hold out.

Remember, one man’s trash is another treasure, so take a shot at Kaepernick or Bradford. Wilkerson already said he would love playing in San Francisco. Alternatively, the Eagles roster is so barren with talent that they should jump at the trade.

Either way, the 3-4 Jets team is already deep along the d-line. They hold Sheldon Richardson and Leonard Williams who are also among elite defensive linemen in the league. Both are also younger than Wilkerson, but not by much.

Plus, the Jets also added Steve McLendon and Jarvis Jenkins as depth options via free agency. Hence, the Jets could afford losing Wilkerson even if he is one of the best defensive tackles in the game. Moving him would also save the Jets an estimated $50 million in guarantees for a long-term contract.

Now, Bradford and Kaepernick may or may not equal a second round pick. It depends on how you view two under-30 quarterbacks with flashes of potential, big contracts and big egos. However, their incumbent teams could pair them with other second and third round picks.

Wilkerson is the type of talent that only comes around so often. The 49ers or Eagles should capitalize on the oppurtunity. The Jets should capitalize by turning a roster surplus into a player that fills an immediate need.

Come on, a swap between the Jets and either the Eagles or 49ers seems obvious. This trade is almost too obvious to happen. Either way, it should happen.

Granted, it is difficult trading a player who is tagged. Especially after the NFL Draft, when teams have already used their picks. However, this seems like as good of a time as ever. Better late than never!