Before I delve into what I intended to discuss, I think it is proper that I offer my condolences to the Dallas Cowboys, who had the unfortunate luck of playing a white-hot Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs. It doesn’t get much worse than that. Even then, it looked close, with stellar rookie Dak Prescott leading a drive to tie the game (did you have to spike the ball?). The Cowboys’ only mistake?

Giving Aaron Rodgers a little less than 40 seconds to move the ball down the field.

Ok, whatever, it happens. Now, you have a 3rd and 20 with 12 seconds left, and you know what the play is going to look like, in fact the whole world does. Aaron Rodgers is going to use his legs to extend the play, hope for protection, and throw it downfield. And he still somehow finds Jared Cook on the sidelines. But don’t be quick to blame the Cowboys defense, because by no means should that throw have been possible. Rodgers had to roll out left and throw off balance, while still making sure he doesn’t end up throwing across his body but in a straight line right over the head of safety Byron Jones. Kudos to Cook for the great catch and awareness of keeping his feet inbounds, but that throw… wow.

Any way now that I’ve paid due tribute to the clutch Aaron Rodgers, let’s move on.

In the beginning of the season I wrote my top 10 fantasy picks.(

Turns out I was pretty far off, though, in my defense, I don’t think anyone could predict how this fantasy season would turn out.

My first HUGE mistake- Ezekiel Elliott. While I still stand by the idea that rookies need to prove themselves first, I don’t see a way in which I justify not having Zeke in the top 3 players. He led the league in yards and finished 2nd in RBs in fantasy, creating a great rookie season. In hindsight, I have to put him at 2, only behind David Johnson. Speaking of which…

I wasn’t too off on this one… maybe? I had him at 4, but he should have been 1, especially considering who was in front of him. I put Antonio Brown, AP, and Julio Jones before Johnson, which were not even close. AP suffered immediately from an injury, but even when he was on the field he wasn’t particularly effective. Another problem was the lack of WR production this year. It has been a while since I have seen the best fantasy WR, this year Mike Evans (which was a shocker), place 34th in fantasy points out of all offensive players, and lower than 8 RBs. While Antonio and Julio both proved once again they are elite receivers, there was a lack of WR production throughout the league, and they were affected.

Another thing I didn’t see coming was the revival of LeSean McCoy. McCoy bounced back this year in a big way, showing glimpses of the old Shady we are all used to, setting his 2nd best rushing touchdown total at 13, and rushed for almost another 1300 yards. I don’t know if this will continue next season, but this maybe the rejuvenation of Shady’s career.

The last major fantasy topic I think I should talk about are Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodgers. Jordy Nelson once again became Aaron Rodgers’s top option, and they both benefited, becoming top options at their positions. I think this will continue into next year, making them both first or high second round picks.

This all culminates in my Super Bowl picks.

I’m calling a Packers- Steelers rematch. This is because of two things. 1) Aaron Rodgers will no be stopped by the Falcons, so even Falcons have a high-flying offense and MVP favorite at QB, I think that Rodgers and the Cheeseheads will come out on top. This is the same for the Steelers. The Killer Bees (Brown, Bell, and Ben Roethlisberger) will prove too much for the Pats defense, and will simply outplay a Tom Brady led offense to reach the Super Bowl. While I want the Steelers to win the Super Bowl, I think Aaron Rodgers will win it at the last second in Aaron Rodgers fashion- a game winning Hail Mary.

Any thoughts? Comment below