Full of high hopes and low expectations, Cleveland Browns fans have seen their first glimpse of analytics or “Money Ball” if you will. We have seen lots of free agents walk away, we have seen some peculiar signings and we have witnessed the new regimes first NFL draft. Before I get into how it all has worked out, allow me to say a few things. First, I bleed orange and brown. I live right down from the training facility and run past it every day except Sundays and up the bridge. I drive by it everyday and dream of stopping in and talking shop with Sashi on my way to work at Haney Landscaping (cheap pop). I have spent countless hours away from my two boys and beautiful wife to be with this team.  I flat out love my Cleveland Brownies and even I can’t stop myself from being skeptical to say the least and angrily looking for a 17 year refund from this new team to say the most. I have worked to stay positive every season, every Sunday, every half, every quarter and every play to no avail.

With that said, let us focus on the NFL draft and the signing of RG3 as the free agents we have let walk or released have already been covered ad nauseam. We drafted another Baylor wide receiver and another receiver under 6′ (both the same pick in the first round, twice the bang for your overpriced buck). We picked up an oft injured, noodle arm quarterback.  And, aside from later round picks and feel good stories, we drafted a defensive end with immeasurable talents when sure pick DE’s were still on the board and available. If you also feel as  though we already had Colt Mcoy (Kessler), Travis Benjamin (Coleman) and BarBarkivious Mingo (Ogbah) you are not alone. Corey Coleman is a fantasy LOVE pick for Mathew Berry of ESPN! That has to make all of us very happy right? Well it does until you read his quote on the wide out. ” Sometimes you don’t have to be the best-looking dude at the bar , you only have to be the only dude at the bar.” “Wow” would be my only reply to that.

I guess it is not all negative or wait and see how things pan out though. We still have something to get excited about. And no, I am not talking about signing a QB that nobody else wanted and trying to make it out to be a huge win. (Side note, did the quote “No pressure, No diamonds” and what basically amounted to a mic drop sound eerily familiar to “I’m gona wreck this league” when it comes to over confident malarkey?) What we can be stoked about is the fact that we have a great offensive line to give such a fragile human being tons of time to unleash that semi accurate cannon arm and it’s anchored by three pro bowl.. Ok, 2 pro bowl lineme….. Ok, one hall of fame tackle who may or may not be traded and may or may not be happy about yet another rebuilding season under yet another coach, gm, front office and quarterback.

Listen, I am not trying to be super negative. I am really trying people. And if all works out and Mr. Brown is the genius we are being sold that he is I will eat my skeptical words. If it doesn’t work out, which given this teams track record is what is most likely to happen. We all know the door revolves on  coaches and general managers here every two years and we will soon be force fed to believe in yet another group of hot shots and big wigs so all will be rightly wrong again in Browns Nation. And if the latter is truly what happens then I only have one thing to say and that’s “Just you wait until the year after next!”. Positivity is positively fading fast isn’t it?

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I am a super weird and loving father of two boys who drip awesome sauce, a husband to a beautiful and super sweet wife and a fulltime Browns fan. I just recently picked up the habit of running and am hooked like an addict should be. aside from being one of the greatest bloggers in history, I am also a musician and an avid Nintendo Wii player. If I could be any one in the world fiction or non I would definitely be James Bond.