Must be something in the water in Starkville, Mississippi. Just days after star QB Dak Prescott was arrested for DUI defensive lineman prospect Chris Jones got popped for driving on a suspended license after he was stopped for speeding.

Jones was driving in Starkville on Wednesday when an officer stopped him for speeding. He was found to be driving on a suspended license after failing to pay a traffic ticket from last year.

Most mock drafts have Jones as a second round pick in April’s draft. The suspended license charge can easily be cleaned up and not near as bad as Dak Prescott’s issues after being charged with a DUI. Prescott was projected to go in the second or third round but will likely slip to the third or fourth round.

Prescott holds every Mississippi State passing record in the school’s history and lit up Alabama and LSU last year for 300 yards passing. Against Arkansas the Bulldog QB went off for 500 yards and 7 touchdown passes.

Jones isn’t a stranger to scandal before the draft. At the NFL Combine last month he was in the headlines for suffering a wardrobe malfunction while running the 40 yard dash. While he was hustling down the sidelines in front of NFL scouts his penis popped out of his shorts. Luckily Jones dived to the ground when he finished to avoid further embarrassment.

The NFL Draft takes place next month. Hopefully Jones and Prescott can keep their noses clean between now and then.