The 2016 NFL season is one game in and it was a nail biting are you kidding me kind of game, so what does this say about where this season is heading, well the best advice I can give is don’t bet cause you may lose not only your shirt but all your money. This column will plan to predict the record of the 2016 Pittsburgh Steelers with a brief diagnosis of each game.

Pittsburgh at Washington Redskins: Kirk Cousins will get his yards and touchdowns but invariably the Steelers’ offense will score a few more points and the defense will come up with a stand that seals the win. Steelers are 1-0.

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh: Andy Dalton is still finding his stride after last year’s injury, but in what may be a bad sign of times to come this season, the Steelers defense cannot hold the lead and give up a last minute touchdown resulting in a crushing divisional defeat. Steelers are 1-1.

Pittsburgh at Philadelphia Eagles: A rookie quarterback used to spell sack and pressure galore from the Steelers’ defense, but this defense will get some much needed turnovers and confidence. The Steelers offense will continue to set records and drive Antonio Brown’s next contract into the next galaxy. Steelers are 2-1.

Kansas City Chiefs at Steelers: Kansas City has always seemed to be a thorn in the Steelers side but instead of playing at Arrowhead which was a real trap but this time around they battle at Heinz Field which will help the Steelers offense soar and soar and soar. The defense does enough to contain Alex Smith. Steelers are 3-1.

New York Jets at Steelers: One word will describe this game: trap. There are always those games that haunt the Steelers as the season progresses and this could be it. The only reason is may not be is that the Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is having a record setting season and leading the Jets in the division. This may be the only reason that the Steelers are focused narrowly defeating the Jets. Steelers are 4-1.

Steelers at Miami Dolphins: The heat and humid and looking ahead to the next week’s opponent stops the Steelers momentum. An ugly loss. Steelers are 4-2.

New England Patriots at Steelers: The Patriots are still playing catch up from the first four games without Tom Brady and this game they prove that they are still the cream of the AFC crop crushing the Steelers are Heinz Field and making for a long bye week. Steelers are 4-3.


Steelers at Baltimore Ravens: After a week of tough practices and trying to forget the two game losing streak they are riding, the Steelers offense hits on all cylinders and blows out the Ravens. Steelers are 5-3.

Dallas Cowboys at Steelers: Yet another rookie quarterback facing the Steelers but this time Dallas’ quarterback Prescott’s legs prove to be problematic for the Steelers defense but luckily enough the offense steps in and Big Ben throws a last minute touchdown to secure a win against a downed opponent. Steelers are 6-3.

Steelers at Cleveland Browns: Is RGIII the answer finally in Cleveland, maybe just not this year or for this game. The team uses the film from their last came and learns a little something, like staying in there lanes and not trying to do too much. The offense isn’t that exciting as Big Bens takes some big hits early, but the team has enough to get through. Steelers ate 7-3.

Steelers at Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck is back to form, throwing a few early picks but invariably leading his team back in the second half. Big Ben is still feeling the events of the Cleveland game and being December in the NFL. There is no magic in this game. Steelers are 7-4.

New York Giants at Steelers: The second New York opponent proves easier than the first as Eli Manning has a horrible game, fumbling at every turn. The Steelers are winning by so much that Big Ben gets to rest in the second half. Steelers are 8-4.

Steelers at Buffalo Bills: A cold blustery day in Buffalo provides just the right recipe for Steelers running game to take over and save Big Ben from bone crushing cold weather stinging hits. The defense continues the once rolling Bills offense and a total team effort seals the victory. Steelers are 9-4.

Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals: Still cannot get past the Bengals late in the season as Andy Dalton has a career day against the battered Steelers secondary. The offense cannot get anything started or finished for that matter. Steelers are 9-5.

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh: Christmas Day and a new uniform for the Steelers is the right gift for Pittsburgh fans as a victory against the hated Ravens clinches a playoff berth. Steelers are 10-5.

Cleveland Browns at Steelers: A chance to clinch a bye in the playoffs against Cleveland is just what the team needed to provide enough motivation to crush the Browns and roll into the playoffs. Steelers are 11-5.

Of course this breakdown is subject to change depending on injuries, teams playing better or worse than expected and the Steelers falling short of expectations but I feel good that this is exactly how the season will unfold. Sit back and enjoy another exciting NFL season full of craziness and fun.