The dust has really settled and rookie mini camps have wrapped up. For now the Dolphins look to take a break and prepare for training camp. For the young rookies they must prepare themselves for the NFL. Getting situated in their team city when the times comes. With only 53 roster spots available not every pick is secure to make the team and undrafted players plus free agents will compiled over the summer will only increase the odds. Quite recently Cameron Wake, defensive end, was signed to a two-year 15 million dollar contract extension. It was once thought that Wake could be on the chopping block, but now he will look to retire as a Dolphin. Hopefully with a playoff appearance to go with it.  This move showed and meant a lot for the undrafted camp players for the Dolphins. Wake was once an undrafted player himself, and he was able to become a probowl talent. Any player is capable of making a roster and having an impact.

So, I like what I have heard from the rookies during OTA’s. Laremy Tunsil has spoken well in front of the media and has not shied away from any questions. He seems to be putting the smoking thing to bed and is turning the attention to football. Of course we didn’t see him play any this weekend. The Dolphins, like a few teams, chose to keep the mini camp in a “classroom” setting. This is beneficial in preventing injuries (example Jaguars Dante Fowler 2015).  Plus it allows the rookies to focus solely on the mental aspects of the game. Also it will let them know what they need to prepare for before training camp, so they come in ready to go. It is up to the rookies to come in and workout when they need to, you know the undrafted players will be here all summer grinding for an edge.

“Tunsil takes questions with enthusiasm” photo belongs to the Sun-Sentinel

We already went over the draft with a full recap, but have the Dolphins gotten better as a team? This a question that obviously cannot truly be answered until we play games. Still, there is enough to get a hint of improvement. I like Adam Gase and his strategy thus far. bringing in Peyton Manning to help tutor Tannehill was a no brainer. Tannehill needs all the help he can get and most of the teams improvement will always hinge on his own.  I like the moves that Tannenbaum and GM Chris Greir have made with Mario Williams, Abdul-Quddos, Bushrod, Maxwell, and Kiko Alonso. The draft pool reflects a change in the persona of the team to a more alpha dog mentality. So that’s coaching, personnel, and player improvement. That should point Miami in the right direction, but they will take the rest of the summer to figure everything else out. I forgot to mention the stadium improvements, looking good for 2016 dolphins home games. Phins up!

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