The Miami Dolphins have added a free agent running back at last and it is one many have expected. Back in April, Arian Foster worked out and visited the Dolphins. Though no one was surprised there was no signing at the time, it was assumed that Miami was waiting for Foster to recover from his injuries. This also gave the Dolphins time to look at RB depth in the draft, through Kenyan Drake. Although Drake looks like a promising rookie, he was hurt in the OTA’s and his durability to be even a 3rd down back is up in the air. Listed starter and sophomore Jay Ajayi was the only other legitimate contender for the job. However his pass catching ability is no there yet and his experience is minimal. So signing Foster was a must for Miami to stabilize the backfield. Arian is going to be 30 in August and he has a long documented list of ailments. So a back recovering from injury and on the, likely, downside of his career can’t be expected to save take the load of snaps. Still, Foster was a probowl back and a supreme pas catcher and protector. Having him to mentor and lead by example for Ajayi and Drake will be well worth the 1.5 million. It is unknown if Foster will be ready to take part in training camp beginning July 29. Health is the only gamble here and the Dolphins know the risk. I think Foster can get healthy and play a nice complementary role in the back field. For now the team will continue to assess what they have on paper and it looks good like that. We will see how far these older players can take the Dolphins starting in August.

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