A’Shawn Robinson announced yesterday that he will forgo his senior season at Alabama and enter the 2016 NFL Draft. It wasn’t really a big surprise but the big defensive lineman made it official at a press conference in Tuscaloosa with Nick Saban and Derrick Henry who also announced he was coming out as well.

Robinson is all but a lock to get drafted in the first round. He was an All-American last year and a big part of teh Crimson Tide’s defense that shut everyone down all year. Last season Robinson had 46 tackles, 7 1/2 tackles for loss and 3.5 sacks. He also blew up offensive lines and kept running backs in check all year. Robinson had a big game against LSU in October and was a big reason Leonard Fournette had his worst game of the season. The only knock on his game is that he isn’t a great pass rusher. When he gets after a QB Robinson has a bull-rush and that’s about it. He won’t be able to use his size and speed in the NFL like he did at Alabama.

When you look at mock drafts online A’shawn Robinson is listed anywhere from the top ten to the end of the first round. At 6’4, 310 pounds he will likely go in the first round and it’s doubtful he slips to the second round. There are a ton of defensive linemen in the draft this year but the Tide defender is one or two depending on where Robert Nkemdiche is ranked.

A team like the Giants could be where Robinson lands. New York is picking at #10 and if they choose to go with defense he will probably be there. The Giants had problems stopping the run this year and need help up front. By drafting Robinson he is a plug and play kind of guy who will start in week one next season.

Another potential spot would be the 49ers. The Niners need all kinds of help but after Justin Smith, Chris Borland and Patrick Willis chose to retire after the 2014 season San Fransisco was awful on defense. It’ not clear if new coach Chip Kelly will go after offensive or defensive help in the first round but Robinson would be a good fit for the 49ers and would go a long way in shoring up the defensive front.