It’s been an interesting week for fans of the Baltimore Ravens. There is plenty of good news to go around. Injured players are trying to work their way back to health, and a spot on the football team. You could almost hear the fans cheering at the idea of Dennis Pitta making it back to the field in any form. The fan favorite is coming of back-to-back seasons with major hip injuries.

When you’re not looking at players trying to return, there is a lot of hope coming from the rookies. It looks like Correa could move to inside linebacker and offer even more versatility in the defense. Even better news was that Keenan Reynolds has been given the “go ahead” to pursue a football career. However, the bad news came in the form of Harbaugh “forgetting” that rookies can’t wear pads during Rookie Training camp. Harbaugh was fined, and the Ravens will lose a week of OTA’s.

In an interesting turn of events, the Ravens invited Ray Rice back to the facility for the first time since his release after a domestic assault issue that seems to have cost him his career. In doing so, they found the perfect person to talk about a great rise to success and possible fall from grace all at once. Rice has lived the experience in Baltimore, and has the background to speak to every player in that room. It’s nice to see him come back to the team, even if it isn’t running a ball in for 6.

It’s an unusual time in Baltimore, but the fans are rallying together after a great draft and first half of free agency. It’s not often that you can expect to make the playoffs a year after having 4 wins, but I think the Ravens have those expectations squarely in their view.