By Marc Mandell

@mandell_w on twitter

Well fancy that one huh guys? Tampa started with the ball, Broncos ended with it. Final in Tampa was 27-7. After a lightening delay no less. I know you are all super curious about the quarterback situation and we will get that, but first…….

Defense wins championships, defense makes Jamis Winston’s day horrific.

He did no better or worse than the 3 QB’s that Denver had faced before this meeting. But without Doug Martin, a healthy O line and an injured TE, Winston didn’t have much of a chance to begin with. He had two INT’s in the first half! The first one came on the very first possession to Aqib Talib. It was Talib who acquired the second one as well. 21 had a good day to say the least. Talib is having a special year. And its not just me that thinks so. Coach Kubiak had the same thing to say at his presser post game.

Anyway, with Denver’s defense holding Winston to 179 yards, aside from Dalton’s 206 yds last week, the Broncos’ no fly zone has held every QB they have seen this year to under 200 yards passing. That’s impressive no matter who’s team you hail for. Somehow, even after losing two big names on defense, the defense from D-City is having an even better year that last. I can’t believe it either. But I will most certainly take it. Talib and the secondary were not the only ones to have a day for the books out there. And no it wasn’t Vonster either. Derek Wolfe had a crazy good day at work today. 2.5 sacks and 6 total tackles, 5 of which for a loss, made him one of my play makers of the game. It is such a dynamic force to have a strong push up the middle of the line for an aggressive defense like Denver’s. It forces the QB into positions he doesn’t like. Forcing throws or taking sacks. Either way, it’s good news for a defense. Some honorable mentions, Shaq Barrett and Sly Williams both had sacks of their own, and Von Miller shared one with D Wolfe. All in all the no fly zone Denver defense had another terrific day, this time at the expense of Jamis Winston.

This. This is what the Denver Broncos offense has been about since Jan 19th, 2015. That was the day John Elway and the brain trust at dove valley hired Gary Kubiak as their new head coach. This week was no different. No matter what happened, stalled drives, dropped passes, bad penalties or even an injured QB. Kubiak and Crew know how to break down a defense, both on film and on the field. Damaryius Thomas looks like he is coming back into form too huh. I know I know, about time. As long as he keeps making plays all is good in my world. He went 6 catches on 7 targets for 94 yds and a TD. He did miss some time thought due to that hip injury that he is still nursing. From what I understand, it is merely a pain issue, not one of structural damage. Emmanual Sanders had a good day as well going 8 for 88 yds on 13 targets and a TD to boot. In total 9 recievers were targeted while only 6 completed a catch. Even the second year “rookie” Jordan Taylor had a reception for 9 yards.

Now, to what is on all of our minds. Kapri Bibbs. I’m kidding, of coarse. It is the QB situation.

I don’t know what an AC joint sprain is, so if one of you out there do know, get at me. What I do know is that Siemian is going to be day to day and that it looks like Paxton Lynch is going to get more reps at practice this week. When Lynch was drafted there was a lot of speculation about pocket presence and the ability to play under center. The guy is 8 ft tall after all. So when he came trotting out on to the field I thought that the running game would get a big big boost. Turns out I wrong. Kubiak had him throw it. Aaaaaa lot. 14/24 for 170 yards and a TD. In just a half of football. A full game? That’s 28/48 for 340 yds and 2 TD’s. A pro day no doubt. And remember Jamis on the other side of the ball went 17/35 for 179 and 2 picks. Only, he played the entire game.

It was classic Kubiak. It was textbook this offense. It all just seemed to work out today for the Mile High Team. But will there be a quarter back controversy? I have absolutely zero doubt that this will be the main topic on all the local sports media this week. Back and forth they will go!! Who will start no one knows!! Look, I’m not going to pick a side here for the simple fact that no matter who is running out on the field next week at home against the Hotlanta Falcons, I know that Kubiak and company will have them ready to go. And with a little bit of perspective, both are basically rookies, both are young and will make dumb mistakes, and both are probably better than Sanchez. Is it really a massive difference? We haven’t seen enough from either to know what is truly there. Now I have my doubts about Lynch. I mean that I am genuinely worried that he won’t progress and improve with time. I hope I’m wrong though. And I’m sure I am because Elway and Kubiak have forgotten more about this sport than will ever know. But if I had to make a choice? I think that Lynch will start next week. Based on the injury to Siemian and the fact that the future of the Denver Broncos is with Paxton, why wait right? That’s my guess. Tell me what you think. @mandell_w on twitter. Keep your ears to the ground on this and we shall see what our fearless coach has to say on the matter, because he will be asked and asked and asked about it.

Now remember what I had mentioned about special teams? Riley Dixon had a good, not great but not bad day. He was able to flip the field and put the Bucs offfense in a hole before they even got on the field. My other play maker of the game is Master Dixon. He did what he needed to do and he did it every time. Special teams played well all day, even when the weather turned ugly. I know you guys don’t really care about this, but it is very important and this will be the make or break part of this team. Defense is set and offense will find it’s legs. Special teams is all that’s left. And this will matter in the coming games.

The Bronco’s are 4-0. Cutting their teeth this year on the Panthers, Colts, Bengals and now the Buccaneers, we are starting to get an idea of what this team is going to look like through out the rest of the 2016 season. Stay tuned ya’ll as I will have a quarterly review coming later this week. Thanks again for reading!!!! Don’t let those idiot drivers get the better of you out there!!