The Rams dropped an atomic bomb on just about every NFL team’s draft board by trading up to #1. The Titans had been rumored to be looking for a way out of the pick for months and with the team moving to L.A. Jeff Fisher’s squad is going all in on either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff in the 2016 NFL Draft later this month.

By trading down the Titans will receive the following picks from the Rams,
15th pick in the first round in 2016
43rd pick in second round in 2016
45th pick in second round in 2016
76th pick in third round in 2016
1st round pick in 2017
3rd round pick in 2017

The Rams get,
1st pick in 2016 Draft
113th pick in 4th round in 2016
177th pick in 2016

We actually wrote about the possibility of Los Angeles using their second round picks to get to #1 last month.

According to the Draft Calculator that the Cowboys made famous in the 90s the Titans got the better end of the deal.

Now the Titans will have the following picks in the first three rounds of the 2016 NFL Draft,

15th in first round
33rd in second round
43rd in second round
45th in second round
64th in third round
76th in third round

With three second round picks in this years draft Titans GM Jon Robinson may not be done dealing yet. He could still trade up or back down depending on what happens in the first few picks. If Jalen Ramsey or Laremy Tunsil slide down out of the top five Tennessee could jump up and grab them with all the extra picks they have acquired.

L.A. will now have a QB to build around in the future in the second biggest market in the NFL. By snagging the first pick Rams GM Les Snead has a buzz around the team that has to compete for attention against the Dodgers, Clippers, Lakers and Southern Cal football.

With the NFL Draft only two weeks away it’s going to be exciting leading up to the big event in Chicago. Just don’t expect the Rams to leak who they will pick at #1. The NFL likes a little suspense and wants people to tune into the draft. Last year everyone knew that the Bucs were taking Jameis Winston but Roger Goodell wanted it kept quiet so fans will till tune into the draft broadcast since they had sponsors and TV partners to appease.