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Before we get into the goodness that was the victory over the Houston Texans, I want to take a moment and extend my deepest sympathy to Texans offensive lineman Derek Newton and his family. The report is that he blew out both patella tendons. That’s one on each knee. Its a horrible injury and I hope he can recover and make it back to the field. Thoughts go out to you big guy. Hang in there.

Now back to our regularly scheduled madness.

The number one reason Denver won this game. Running the rock. CJ was backed into a corner with Booker getting the start and it freaking worked. CJ was cutting back, running to the outside, and driving through the hole like a bus with the throttle stuck open. Both the backs looked great. Not at first of course. The first quarter was a repeat of the last two games the Broncos played, but by the end of the second quarter, things were clicking again. Anderson found pay dirt on a 10 play, 75 yard drive. He did it with authority.

Congratulations Davonte Booker with your first touchdown in the NFL! Immediately scoring after Emmanual Sanders’ huge catch down at the 3 yard line on a throw that was perfectly thrown by Siemian, setting up the young running back for the score. Well done Booker, well done indeed.

And let’s not overlook the real hero of the Denver run game success on Monday Night Football, Mr. Andy Janovich. He picked up a huge block on the play that CJ scored on. Janovich was the mvp on the field, dispensing justice with extreme indifference. If there was a block that needed to be made, he was there. Where ever the line needed help he was there, to block with swift feet, and delightful discord. We need more Janovich is what I am trying to say here. With Janovich playing the way he is, CJ and Booker truck sticking, this run game can cause some hay.

The second reason things worked out for the home team. Siemian looked like himself again. His throws were on a rope, and because the run game was working, it allowed the passing game to open up. The pass he made to DT in the endzone was a perfect pass. Great timing and anticipation. Putting Denver up 14-6 just before halftime, it was a great play on the end of a 7 play 68 yard drive. And it only took just over 3 minutes. While we are on it, I owe DT an apology. He has had a number of drops in his career, but he is second on a very heady list of receivers that have 50 TD’s since 2011. He also is one of the most targeted WR’s in the league. So yeah, he drops some passes, but he’s still one of the best in the business and I haven’t been as understanding as perhaps I should be. Not telling you how to live your life or anything, just some perspective is all.

He was scared. Pure, plain and simple. He had this game on his calendar circled in big bright red marker all year, and as the game grew closer, he closed down. Now that it’s all over I have a couple of observations about the whole Brock deal. To be completely honest I kind of feel bad for him. I know he is making an obscene amount of money but that’s the point. He tried to make a career move, and it seems to be failing in spectacular fashion. Could you imagine leaving your current job for a much much higher paying job? Sure you can. But what if everything you said, did and failed at was tweeted and Facebooked 100,000 times over? A little more daunting right? He made the choice and at the end of the day he is responsible for the success of the team that he is at the helm of. It just appears like he is in over his head. Now that the game has come and gone, and the fact that Denver won, I feel like I can say, good luck Brock and that I truly hope he can have a successful career, even though its not in Denver. That being said……..

How awful was that performance?! He is only the second guy in NFL history to throw the ball 40+ times for only 130 yards!! Only Jesse Palmer was worse. If you don’t know who that is, well, that’s the point. At the end of the 3rd quarter Brock had only managed 80 yards! He was horrific from start to finish. Balls were batted down, and Brock couldn’t get on the same page with is wide receivers. Oh yeah, hows bout that fumble from ole Brocky Brock? Couldn’t believe it myself, but boy oh boy will I take it.

The Denver Broncos defense held the entire Texan’s offense to 271 yards total. With a good portion coming in garbage time I might add. It must be noted that teams are getting the better of Shane Ray on the run game by using his aggressiveness against him. Every time Lamar Miller broke off a big gain, it was at the expense of Shane Ray not sealing the edge and allowing Miller to run wherever he wanted. That is where the biggest deficiency lies with out DeMarcus Ware on that outside edge. Shane will get better with time though, and D Ware will be back sooner rather than later as well. Other than Shane Ray’s few misses on assignments the Denver Broncos defense held everyone else in check and straight dominated from beginning to end of the game on Monday night.

As promised I owe a shout out to Kevin Moore with the best Brock name pun, Brick Awfuleiler. I liked it. Thought it was appropriate.

Thanks again for reading you guys and I will have the San Diego rematch blog up on Friday. Oh and uh…Go Cubbies!!