Sitting at 0-14 the Browns don’t have a lot to cheer for. Now that the season is all but over fans are now hoping Cleveland will lose out and secure the top pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. With the loss to Buffalo yesterday the Browns locked up at least a top 3 pick in the upcoming draft.

With the 49ers sitting at 1-13 and the Jaguars at 2-12 there is no way that Cleveland can fall past them in the draft order.

The Browns will host the Chargers Sunday and the close out the season by traveling to Pittsburgh. San Diego is down this year but they’ve been competitive all year. Despite losing three straight the Chargers hold wins over playoff caliber teams: Atlanta, Houston and Tennessee. With Phillip Rivers under center San Diego is always dangerous.

In Cleveland’s last game they travel to Pittsburgh against a red hot Steelers teams. Pittsburgh has won five straight and is peaking at the right time. Despite being down eleven points at halftime Ben Roethlisberger managed to rally his team on the road in Cincinnati yesterday. When the Browns played in Pittsburgh last year they lost by 21 points.

The 49ers have a winnable game in Los Angeles Sunday then close the season out in Seattle. If they upset the Rams the Browns are locked in with the first pick. If the Niners lose every game and Cleveland wins one the Browns would still get the top pick despite a similar record due to the tiebreaker-strength of schedule.

The Jaguars would leapfrog into the second pick if San Fransisco win their last two games and Jacksonville loses out. They also would take the top pick due to strength of schedule if Cleveland won their last two games and if the 49ers won at least one more. The Jags are playing two teams with playoff aspirations in the last two weeks so it’s not likely they will win another game.

It can get pretty confusing but the likely scenario is that the Browns pick first and the rest of it depends whether or not the 49ers can beat the Rams on the road to establish if they are picking second or third.