From the outside looking in, the current situation surrounding the Washington professional football team is nothing short of a dumpster fire. And with more leaks, rumors and questions than assurances of any kind– the fun is just getting started.

Following a disappointing 8-7-1 finish, the three biggest questions of the offseason were supposed to be:

  • How much will re-signing Kirk Cousins cost?
  • Which defensive talent will the team take at pick 17?
  • Which key defensive free agent acquisition(s), will the team target?

Instead Redskins faithful are currently left wondering about so much more:

  • Scot McCloughan – Where is he? Why wasn’t he at the combine? What’s this we’re hearing between he and Bruce Allen?
  • Kirk Cousins – When is the trade happening? Does he really not want to be here? Is Romo headed to Washington?
  • Jay Gruden – Whose running operations at Redskins Park? Why give Jay an extension now, instead of prior to the defensive coordinator search?

May 1999, Daniel Marc Snyder purchases the Redskins.

Ushering in a decade of mediocrity.

December 2009, Redskins hire Bruce Allen as it’s GM.

The team got no better, but at least it had hired an actual respected football mind…and got the gold pants back.

January 2010, Redskins hire Mike Shanahan as Executive VP and Head Coach. Given last say in personnel decisions. «

The team got a little better. As it slowly began to make some sensible football decisions. Gradually beginning to look like a respectable organization for the first time since Snyder’s ownership. Cue RGIII rookie season, yay! Cue RGIII injury in playoff game, no! Cue drama and leaked stories to the press. Back to dysfunction.

January 2015, Redskins hire Scot McCloughan. Highly respected talent evaluator, who had recovered from prior personal health related issues.

McCloughan, a key cog in building the 49ers and Seahawks teams of the mid to late 00’s, that were talented, successful and played a particular brand of football long missing from the DC area– invigorated the fanbase.

For two seasons Washington had been the closest it’s been to being a reputable franchise on all fronts, since the 80s and 90s. Finally moving within shouting distance of the, “a piece or two away from real contention” conversation. Then this offseason happened.

First there was word of Scot not being allowed to speak to reporters at the Senior Bowl. Then no sight of him at the NFL scouting combine. Enter a reckless and unfounded mentioning of Scot’s possibly having a setback with his sobriety, by a local talking head. Kirk’s contract situation is seemingly getting worse. A year after the team said show me again, and he did. And now rumors surfacing that the quarterback doesn’t really want to be here.

The Dan & Vinny (Cerrato) Show, from years back looks rather pedestrian in comparison.

As free agency opens without any sign of the only personnel man Washington fans have had any faith in since Charlie Casserly, nor even a half-cocked explanation as to when/if he’ll return, the team is in self-imposed limbo. Honestly who’d want to sign here right now?

Two 1,000 yard receivers are said to be headed out of town (Garçon-SF, DJax-TB). With defensive lineman Chris Baker said to be tied to Tampa and Denver currently.

So where does that leave us? Well there was an incredibly damming piece penned by the Washington Post’s Mike Jones and Liz Clarke yesterday, telling of the McCloughan-Allen dynamic. Read it!

And per 106.7 the Fan, there’s a fan protest slated for tomorrow at 8am. So there’s that.

Ladies and gentlemen, if there’s nothing else, we have found the new team name. Presenting your Washington Dysfunctionals.

And I guarantee you they will definitely be wearing gold pants. Dan and Bruce, the two constants over the past two regimes, will see to that personally.