By Marc Mandell

I can’t even laugh any more. This offense is so horrific, they should be ashamed of themselves. Between Twitter and Facebook, everyone was letting loose today. The Broncos blew their chance to make the playoffs this year. Even against the Patriots team that always seems to struggle in the Mile High City. Trevor Siemian should get awards this year for heroism, and being an ironman. The offense that surrounds him is filth and rubbish. I am about to let loose here, no holds barred.

I’ve had enough of DT. Enough of watching him drop critical passes. You get paid 16 mill a year bruh, catch the damn ball!! I don’t care one way or the other if he stays or not. A team pays a WR that kind of money to make 3-4 catches a game. DT is only thinking about himself. He no longer cares if the team wins or losses, as he is getting paid the same regardless. He no longer has any excuses. His ma is out the clink, his grandma is, who cares. He gets paid to catch a ball. He often doesn’t when it matters most, and isn’t worth the paper that the money is printed to pay him. Don’t care aboutcha DT!! Thanks for coming out!

Jordan Norwood should be sent to Canada and get an awful contract with a completely irrelevant team up there. I hope you quit football and end up selling cell phones out of a mall in Compton. We have all had enough of you dropping your job every week. The dirt he has on #7 has to be super dark to keep playing every week right? I thought Trindon Holiday was back playing for Denver.

The o-line basically doesn’t exist. I’m not kidding when I say this; I think Denver would be better off not even having one. It’s no wonder Rusty Okung negotiated his own deal. No sports agent is dumb enough to pick him up as a client. Oh yeah, he lost his job in Seattle… to a rookie… a bad one too. Max Garcia is spotty at best. The LG position would be better if Ray Charles played it. At least we would get the same performance week after week. Micheal Schofield, the RG from Michigan can go away as well. I think we all know about him right? Yeah, we do. Finally Donald Duck, er I mean Donald Stephenson. Slightly better than the inactive Ty Sambrailo who has been a catastrophic failure.

Only Trevor Siemian, Emmanual Sanders and Matt Paradis have performed week in and week out. The rest can go away forever. Tell me otherwise. I want you to tell me with a straight face that this offense can win something. You can’t, no one can. No one is naive enough. Ignorance is working in the dark, stupidity is shutting the lights out. Denver’s offense turned out the lights about 14 weeks ago.

The Broncos had such a great opportunity to win this game. Holding Brady to 188 yards, shutting him out for nearly the entire 1st quarter and holding him to 16/32 pass comps to attempts. To improve in the rankings, with KC losing to Tennessee, the Broncos blew it. I haven’t the inclination to convince anyone otherwise. That was it for the 2016 season for Denver. With that loss, Denver is out of the playoffs and out of time. Maybe this time Elway will invest in an O-line this draft, rather than an irrelevant, useless QB in the first round. Denver squandered it’s chance for postseason hope with an incredibly awful, disgusting display of Browns like offense. Elway and Brock are laughing at each other right now aren’t they. For the same reasons to boot. Neither can perform how they were expected to. Oh the irony.

The defense was top notch today. Perhaps that’s what chaps me the most about today’s performance. The defense understood the importance of this game, understood the position they were in and played accordingly. For the 13th time this year, the offense almost intentionally let them down. This is a do good league, not a try hard league. Denver’s defense did good, the offense tried, I guess.

No way Denver can go into KC and win, or beat the Raiders in week 17. I thought the Broncos would go 10-6 this season, but after what I’ve witnessed for the last three weeks, 8-8 seems a bit more accurate. With the playoff window slammed shut, next weeks loss will lock it. Of course the Patriots are good, of course Brady is one of the best, but when your kick returner, who has looked like a gigantic pile of poo, drops yet another kick off, and the offense can’t play with urgency, dedication or discipline, it’s no wonder Denver lost today.

So with that, well done Denver, and well done Kubiak. Missed calls, poor execution, whiffed opportunities and general lack of accountability from one of the side of football has made this season a lost one. Of course I will be writing about the last two games of the year for Denver, but with the expected results, and lack of reason to play quality football, they will most likely be how Denver can position themselves for a much more successful offseason than the last.

There is still a chance Denver can make the playoffs I suppose, though they need a     Thor-ian amount of help. If, and that is an enormous if, they beat KC in Arrowhead and win against the Raiders in week 17, there is a small, teeny tiny chance they can make the playoffs. Though even if they do, would you give them a chance to win anything?

The championship window has closed. But just for now. It is hard to admit I know, and though difficult to stomach, I think it is okay. Unless a team has a Tom Brady, or Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers, there are going to be rebuilding years. The Broncos aren’t the Browns, they aren’t the Jaguars. They are the Denver Broncos, and they will return to greatness. It may not be this year, or next but they will return. Perhaps this is the time to re-evaluate and re-build. Whether the future is Siemian or Lynch, the future still remains. So for now, let’s see how they do against the Chiefs, check our expectations, and let Elway do his thing. I still have the faith ya’ll, and you should too.