The last time the Miami Dolphins beat the Patriots in New England was in 2008. You may remember that Tom Brady did not play in that game and the Dolphins unveiled the wildcat offense. 8 years later we are in a similar situation. No Brady on Sunday and the Dolphins will look to improve on a new offensive system established by Adam Gase. This offense is ranked about 30th in the NFL right now. Most of that is courtesy of playing one of the best defenses in the NFL in week 1, the Seattle Seahawks. The Phins were only able to put up 10 points and missed out on 6 (1 blocked FG and a missed 4th&1) points in the game that would have won it for them.

So the offense needs work, but Tannehill did not make any major mistakes and he will look to continue that on Sunday. The real edge that the Dolphin may have is their new D-line. This line played lie the line many fans wanted to see last year, as they were physical in getting after Russel Wilson and completely dominated the offensive line. Then Mario Williams got a concussion and Cam wake was limited in snaps by the staff. So the pressure held off long enough for the Hawks to score the go ahead TD. Things may be different this time around, starting with less snaps for the defense. The offense had to stay on the field longer because 82 snaps is way to much for any defense. So look for the run game to be an early factor.

Jimmy Garoppolo looked great against a solid Arizona defense in week 1 and Bill Belichick is the best coach in football. He was able to use all that time to prepare for the Cardinals and pull off the upset with full control of the game. Now with only one week to prepare for the Dolphins, it will be a larger task. However the Pats will have some help in the likely return of Gronk. The Pats banged up O-line will have to be ready to hold off an assault from Wake and the rest of the D-line. The Dolphins know that the secondary and the thin linebacker group can not cover the likes of Gronkowski and Edleman all game, so the pressure will have to get to Jimmy-G.

Overall the Dolphins have an uphill battle to climb and they will be the underdog again on Sunday. Also with the Jets beating the Bills on Thursday, they claim the Second spot in the AFC east. So the Dolphins need to beat the Patriots to stay out of the bottom and keep up the Jets and Pats before an easier week 3 home opener.

The Dolphins can stay close and they may even lead going in to halftime, but the coaching from Belichick is too good and expect him to out manuever the rookie Adam Gase. I have the Patriots winning 27-24.

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