The Eagles have suddenly jumped into the QB mix this week by working off Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. Sitting at #8 in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft Philadelphia could be able to land either QB if they decide to pull draft one of the top two premier quarterbacks.

The only problem is that the Browns at #2 will likely draft Goff or Wentz leaving five teams between Philly and the other QB left on the board. With Dallas picking fourth and the 49ers picking seventh Philadelphia may or may not get their man. The Cowboys are thought to be very high on Wentz and Goff would be very popular in San Fransisco since he played college ball half an hour away from the bay.

If the Eagles really want to have their pick of either QBs they may look into trading up to #1 to leapfrog Cleveland. The Titans have the top pick but would love to trade back and acquire more picks. Tennessee has interest in Ole Miss left tackle Laremy Tunsil and Florida State corner Jalen Ramsey. Last year the team picked Marcus Mariota and has no need for another franchise QB. With holes on the offensive line, secondary and at receiver Tennessee would love nothing more than to trade back to 8th and be able to still get a blue chip prospect that will start on opening day.

The only problem is that the Eagles don’t have a second round pick to sweeten the pot to get the Titans to move down. Philadelphia traded to the Rams last year when they acquired Sam Bradford. The team does have two third round picks, #77 and #79 but that may not be that appealing to Tennessee who will want a lot to give up the first pick. If the Eagles can get a team to trade a late second round pick for their two thirds perhaps Titan’s GM Jon Robinson might have interest. If I was a GM it would take the Eagles’ first round this year and next year and a second round pick. Should Tennessee trade back to #8 they could still get a decent cornerback prospect in Vernon Hargreaves from Florida or offensive lineman Ronnie Stanley from Notre Dame.

The Titans will listen to all offers but if the Eagles want to get to the top of the draft for their pick of the two quarterbacks they will have to work some magic. Should they not be able to get Goff or Wentz in the first round they still could get Paxton Lynch in the top ten but they may have to reach for him. There will be other QBs like Dak Prescott and Cardale Jones to be had in the third and forth rounds so they don’t have to sell the farm. If Howie Roseman thinks Sam Bradford can play all year without getting injured they could concentrate on their defense or picking the best players available. But if history has shown us anything Bradford will go down at some point this year and the team needs to start grooming someone to replace him sooner rather than later.