With the Browns signing RG III to a 2-year deal, in all likelihood he will be the starting quarterback come week 1 of the season, so what was once a foregone conclusion on the position they would be picking at number 2 of the upcoming NFL draft (either QB Carson Wentz or QB Jared Golf), now everyone is speculating whether they will stay with a QB at 2, trade down, or draft another position at the spot, such as CB Jalen Ramsey out of Florida State or Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott.

For decades the Browns have been without a high caliber QB.  Experts say Tim Couch, the Browns first pick since coming back in 1999, was the best QB they’ve had, but was mentally torn apart because of a horrible offensive line, bad drafting and a revolving front office.

The Browns are hoping they will get the RG III that showed up his rookie year, the one who took the NFL by storm and seemed to show a running QB can be successful in the league.  They don’t want the RG III who showed up after that, the one plagued by injuries, the one who seemed to depend way too much on his legs and not trust his offensive line.

Coach Hue Jackson has a lot of pressure on him, GM’s around the league say this is the best head coach the Browns have had in years.

Is RG III the new future of the Browns, or is he a stop gap to whomever they draft?  Sad, but likely the Browns don’t know themselves.