By Marc Mandell

Would you rather tie or lose?

Can Denver put it all together for 60 minutes? How long until the team plays a complete game? That was a big loss for the Denver Broncos. All of a sudden Denver is on the outside looking in on the playoff picture. It isn’t lost on me that there is still enough football left in the season, but while I was watching the quagmire that the Broncos have put themselves in, 3 questions keep beating inside my dome since the collapse on Colfax. First, how or what is going on with the defensive penalties on the final opposing drive? Second is, how in the hell did Alex Smith put up 30 points, and Third? Jordan Norwood, and the special teams? However, before we dig into that, lets get into the good during the game. Then we will get to the gruesome, ugly, disgusting loss that we witnessed on SNF.

How about that Trevor Siemian? Completing 20 passes on 34 attempts, 368 yards and 3 touchdowns is very heady stat line. He made short, medium and deep passes with good accuracy and timing. Despite what was going on with the right tackle position. He didn’t throw a single interception, and for the most part, made mostly favorable choices when deciding where to go with the ball. Sacked 6 times and still moved the ball well. Not to mention the higher quality of play we see from him as the game goes on, rather than the other way around. That was a bit of a coming out party for Trevor. He showed strong, and perhaps squelched the Paxton Lynch talk, at least for now. Nice job Siemian, good show.

Two MVP’s from this game for Denver have to be Emmanual Sanders and Von Miller. Sanders put it on Grimes all night!! Seven catches for 162 yards and a TD is good day at work! Trevor put the ball right where he needed to, and Sanders did the rest. DT made some great catches to keep drives alive, and even A J Derby had nearly 50 yards receiving. The Siemian Sanders combo should be a good one coming down the stretch. Every yard will be required. And about Von……

Von Miller. Just, Von Miller. A beasts beast to be sure. He didn’t just get to Alex Smith for 3 sacks, he was everywhere. He was stuffing the run, getting all the way around the line to make the play on the other side of the field. Worth every single penny. Frankly, if you think other wise, you aren’t watching the same game I am. He will win games on his own. In addition to his outstanding play, it was great to see the defense play together as one again. Derek Wolfe and Aqib Talib had great games against the Chiefs.

Now on to the bad. This week was nothing new for the Denver defense committing stupid penalties as the opposing team makes their final drive. The difference between ignorant and stupidity? Ignorance is working in the dark, stupidity is shutting off the lights. This team knows better and yet, a lack of discipline when the game is on the line. This is the disparity between this year and last. Week 1 against Carolina. Denver had them dead to rights on a long 4th down, a defensive holding call by Chris Harris and here we go to heart attack city. It happened against Atlanta, San Diego, Indy and now Kansas City. Four times the Broncos could have gotten off the field on 3rd down, but blew it with dumb, incoherent penalties. Von, Harris, Ward and Roby are the culprits. These guys know better.

The gruesome. Alex Smith is the comparison. When you watch a QB throw check down after check down, you turn to your buddy and say, “Geez, didn’t know we got Alex Smith for a QB”. Or some variation of that right? So how, how on this entire planet of earth did check down Charlie Alex Smith post 30 points in a game?! He only had 220 freakin yards!!! Completed 26 throws. These aren’t Star Wars, Tom Brady numbers. He did it with Travis Kelce. Apparently Denver had no idea at all that there was even a tight end on the field, well other than Jordan Norwood’s I mean. Oh and what did I tell you about Tyreeke Hill? TD’s from a punt, a rush and a reception. This dude is for real.

Aaaaand Jordan Norwood and the Special Teams. How you drop two kickoffs and a pass, all nearly back to back, and still get sent out there again and again? That was a tough pill to swallow. Even Aqib Talib was annoyed, shoving Norwood after the second dropped kick return. The dropped return allowed KC to go right down the field and put points on the board.

The disgusting. At this point, I don’t know if Denver makes the Playoffs. I thought they would go 10-6 prior to the year starting and still think that will be the case. However, the growth of the AFC West seems to be enough where the Broncos won’t be able to overcome that. With games against the Titans, Patriots, KC and the Raiders, it could spell the end of the crazy, outta this world run that Denver has been on for the last 5 years. I’m keeping the faith though guys. Here’s to hoping huh?