Colts bring in a….New Punter?


What?! That’s blasphemy, right?! I mean…can they even do that? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!?!?!….. *Throws phone spiraling towards (probably expensive) computer…

If this was similar to your reaction….

1.) Stop.

2.) Take deep breathes.

3.) You’re safe, and you will continue to get more “McAfee Shenanigans” on and off the field.

Now that I have you calmed down…hopefully…

Yes the Colts did bring in a rookie free agent in to “compete” with Pat for the spot. But, in all reality it’s going to take a miracle for him to take the job outright.

If you remember last week, McAfee acknowledged that he had surgery on his none kicking knee. But, he expects to be a full participant in training camp. So, as for anyone with a player coming off of surgery, the Colts brought in someone to compete with him to make sure he’s on his game when it returns.

But, this “rookie” is no slouch either…

Introducing….*Drum rolls….* Out of the Univ. of Arkansas…Same Irwin-Hill!


“SIH” as I will begin to affectionately call him (and you all should do the same because it’s awesome) averaged 40 yards a punt on 40+ punts during his last two years in college.

With mandatory minicamp being over and the players being off until the end of July, that means more time to relax and prep. So expect Pat to be back at almost full strength and to look to make sure he’s not undercut by this “young gun”.

But never forget, even when the day comes that Mr. McAfee needs to be replaced….have no fear. He’s still got a very promising career as a stand up comedian!