Colts Minicamp–Hot Topics

Early camp stars? Luck's Contract? Rookies adjusting? Sarcasm? Plenty to cover during Colts Camp!


COLTS FANS…..START YOUR…..ENGINES? Wait…. What? No! We want football!!

With all the focus being taken away by the 100th running of “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” aka The Indianapolis 500… The Colts are just playing it cool, preparing to get back to that “title contender” mantle they sat on prior to last season.

It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten to see our beloved “Blue and White” trot out onto the field. But just because it was just the practice field and they were only in helmets….make no mistake THIS IS A BIG DEAL!

(Notice the CAPS to show the aforementioned BIG DEAL^ :D)

Now let’s get down to business…

Everyone’s attention has been focused on the face of the franchise, Andrew Luck.. Is he 100% healthy after a injury filled ’15? Will his new teddybears on the O-line be able to protect him? Will his bookclub cover multiple genres and classics? Did he FINALLY upgrade from that flip phone?


(Yeah Andrew….we never forgot about the flip phone….UPGRADE :p)

These are all questions we desperately need answers to! So far, Andrew had said all the right things, as he always does.

He seems to be focused on not repeating last year’s results and eager to get a deal done to lock him up in Indy for many many years to come. Soon, we’ll most likely be calling him the richest player in NFL History!

But while Luck is making news for being back on the field… One of the bright spots from a tough ’15 campaign is shining early on in minicamp! And it just so happens to be the QB’s favorite target.

Enter one T.Y. Hilton who has done nothing but prepare like the Pro Bowler and leader of the WR core that he is.

Coach Pagano even took the time out to speak with reporters about just how “fast” Hilton plays with at all time. Whether it’s minicamp in May, training camp in August, or a reg. season game in October… Eugene (T.Y.’s real name) is always going full speed!


T.Y. has always been a reliable player throughout his whole career when it comes to health, only missing two total games in his 4 year career. We’d definitely like that to continue, as I’m sure he would also.

Moving on to the “new kids on the block”. The entire ’16 rookie class is all under contract and ready to make names for themselves.

Although each pick filled a particular sore spot on the team, each rookie still has to go in to each and every practice hungry and ready to put on the best show they can… Yes even 1st-Rounder Ryan Kelly who everyone presumes is already penciled in as the starting Center.

One of the rookies I’m most excited about is Indy’s second round pick, Safety TJ Green. Having another weapon in the secondary with Davis and Adams should boost that unit and the defense overall tremendously.


I did some research on him to back during his days as a Clemson Tiger. He’s a great, hard-hitting player who also has the skills to drop down to cover a WR or TE in the slot if need be.

Overall, this draft added a lot of great building blocks that could end up beyond key pieces to this team for years to come.

Moving outside of camp now to just a few rumors and ramblings…

There was talk that the Colts were considering bringing back DE/OLB Dwight Freeney to where he first got all his praise and accolades.

But after about a week of nothing from Indy, it looks that Freeney is heading towards Cincinnati, whom he supposedly took a physical for easier this week. But, personally I didn’t really like that idea anyway.

The Colts already boast the league’s oldest average age among all NFL teams. Now although the average of the team is “only” about 27 years old… Consider who is already much past that median: Adam Vinatieri (43), Robert Mathis (35), Frank Gore (33), D’well Jackson (32)

All pretty important pieces and leaders on this team. So, I think skipping out on another “whilly ole vet” like Freeney is actually doing more good than harm. It would be different if he was still the difference maker on every play that he once was with the Colts.

Oh and lets not forget that I would’ve added WR Andre Johnson to that list…had he not had a horrible season (where at one point he was 4th string) and gotten cut earlier this year.

Hey everyone, just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who’s reading, commenting, sharing, etc. I really appreciate the love and support and just hope I can continue making you guys proud.

I’ve had a tough few weeks recently so I haven’t been able to do much posting, but I’m working towards getting past all of that so I can focus on my love for writing and the Colts more! Also, once I get the equipment, I’ll also be doing video blogs as well! So please be on the lookout for those to accompany my blogs here! Thanks again.