Colts’ Regular Season Prediction


Finally!!! *Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson voice*

Some football news that didn’t involve the words “draft”, “sign/release”, or my personal least favorite, “Manziel”.

After two complete months without football, the upcoming season’s schedules being released was music to my ears! *Cues old “NFL Films” music with the horns*

The Colts schedule this year makes for another very interesting season. The “virtual certainty” of Indy easing into another division title went off the table very early into last year’s season. So, don’t expect for anymore easy games against Jacksonville, Tennessee, or Houston. I believe they will still win the division, but most, if not all, of those victories will be hard fought for.

If you’ve been living under a rock OR have a personal life that doesn’t involve looking at/talking about football everyday…I feel sorry for you. But no fear, because I have you covered!

Here’s the schedule for the ’16 campaign, along with my predictions on how the more interesting contests will turn out:

Week 1: vs. Lions-WIN (1-0); No more “bail out” throws to Megatron from Stafford anymore on offense, and the Colts should pick apart that defense with “relative” ease.

Week 2: @ Broncos-LOSE (1-1); The “Sheriff” has rode off into the sunset, and his replacement Colin Kaepernick and Mark Sanchez haven’t exactly been Pro Bowlers over the past few years. However, every bit of that Super Bowl winning defense is coming back. That side of the ball is the only reason why I give the Broncos the edge over Indy.

Week 3: vs. Chargers-WIN (2-1); Thanks for the “W” Mr. Rivers! Maybe you’ll have better luck in LA? 🙂

Week 4: vs. Jaguars-WIN (3-1) Although I said earlier not to expect an easy road through the division, I do believe the Colts SHOULD pick up two wins against this Jags team. They are young and definitely talented, but the Colts are still an overall better team. Expect a tough game though, no matter what units are on the field.

Week 5: vs. Bears-WIN (4-1) I’ll admit, this one hurts me. For those who know me, I’ve been a FORMER longtime Bears fan despite being born and raised in Indianapolis…*Cue flashbacks of Super Bowl XLI*


*wipes away tears*

This game shouldn’t be similar to the only other time the Bears came to Lucas Oil in ’08 when the Bears handed the Colts a loss in the VERY first game in the “place that Peyton Built”.

The Bears spoiled the welcoming party for the Colts in Andrew Luck’s first regular season game his rookie year as well.

Week 6: @ Texans-LOSE (4-2); What’s an honest predication without including some missteps right? Coming into the game three games above .500 I feel like this is going to be one of those games that sneaks up and bites the Colts on the butt. Assuming new QB Brock O. lives up to his hype, I see the Texans stealing this one.

Week 7: @ Titans-WIN (5-2); Indy won’t let these guy sneak up on them after taking the loss a week before. Even with Tennessee’s shiny new RB in DeMarco Murray and probably a host of solid draft picks (thanks to the trade with St. Louis), that defense isn’t equipped to handle Luck and the Colts full arsenal of weapons.

Week 8: vs Chiefs-WIN (6-2); I don’t know about anyone else, but the first thing that came to my head when I saw this game was that sweet come-from-behind playoff win a few years ago in the playoffs for the Colts. Unless they make a splash in the draft, KC’s offense should pretty much look the same, with welcoming back All-Pro Jamaal Charles whose season was cut short due to injury.

Week 9: @ Packers-LOSE (6-3); Not really much to say here except…Aaron Rodgers. He, along with a healthy Jordy Nelson and a hopefully slimmer Eddie Lacy, should do A LOT of damage this year much like the 2014 season. The Packers defense is never terrible; they just haven’t been great the last few years. I expect the Colts to struggle at Lambeau.

Week 10: BYE (6-3)

Week 11: vs Titans-WIN (7-3)

Week 12: vs Steelers(Thanksgiving)-LOSE (7-4); Coming off of only having 4 days of rest since their last game, I expect both teams to come out sluggish. Although the game should be close throughout, I predict the Steelers playing typical hard “grind it out” Steeler football and they pick up the win.

Week 13: @ Jets-WIN (8-4); After a long week and a half of rest, mixed with the excitement of playing under the lights of Monday Night Football, I see the Colts coming out and getting after the Jets. New York’s defense is of course going to be an issue, but I believe Luck has one of his “statement” games that shows he can get it done with a parental top-5 defense. The Colts defense should be able to slow down whoever is under center. With Davis shadowing Brandon Marshall all game long, I see the Colts D also having a big day.

Week 14: vs Texans-WIN (9-4); REVENGE!!!!!! TWO CLAPS AND A RIC FLAIR! WOOOOOOOO!!!!


WEEK 15: @ Vikings-LOSE (9-5); There will only be two forces that hurt the Colts this game…. The frigid temperature….and Adrian Peterson. Those two mixed together means poor tackling technique and a lot of ground and pound, old school offense.

Week 16: @ Raiders-WIN (10-5); They’re getting better, but it’s still the Raiders….JUST WIN BABY WIN!! (RIP Al Davis)

Week 17: vs. Jaguars-LOSE (10-6); The Colts should win this game, but the only reason I’m not giving them the win here is because by this time they should have already locked up a playoff spot. But, at 10-5, probably not in a position to need to play their starters for the whole game, if at all. So, the Colts lose the game against a Jags team who have nothing else to lose once again come week 17.

I know a 10-6 record isn’t exactly what any of us want to hear considering the streak of 11 win seasons prior to last year.

But as much as we don’t want to admit it, the Colts have some holes that NEED to be filled. Unfortunately, I see those holes costing them six games.

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