Alabama running back Derrick Henry weighed in today at the NFL Combine at a whopping 247 pounds. The Heisman Trophy winner was a little surprised he was so heavy.

“I was kind of shocked I was 247 this morning. But it’ll go down by tonight. I don’t really stay at that weight. I didn’t think I was that heavy. I was drinking a lot of water just so I could add a little weight but I didn’t think I’d be that heavy. I won’t stay that weight.”

If Henry was cutting weight like an MMA fighter he could’ve cut 6 to 8 pounds in a sauna if he wanted to get lean for the weigh-in today in Indianapolis.

One thing that may hurt Henry is other Bama running backs who have come been drafted in recent years only to be a disappointment. Trent Richardson was a former first round pick who washed out of the league. Eddie Lacy is also a former Crimson Ride back who had battled weight issues during his time in the NFL and was actually demoted last season.

At this point many teams are looking for a reason to not draft you and Henry may have given them a reason to second guess him on Draft Day.

Henry is just over 6’2 and big by NFL running back standards. There have been other running backs that weighed in heavier in recent years but they generally were fullbacks.

Currently Henry is projected to go in the top of the second round. The Titans are picking at #33 in the second round and are in the market for a good running back this April. Two years ago they drafted Bishop Sankey in the second round and he hasn’t panned out. Last season Tennessee had an undrafted free agent from Western Kentucky as their starting running back at the end of the year.

Henry will have an opportunity to shine later this week at the Combine and if he puts up some big numbers and has a good 40 time his weight will be an afterthought by the weekend.