Living in Houston I get to hear a lot about what the locals think about the moves made by the Texans and how it will affect “US” next season.  The Texans made some big moves this off-season, which they had to at QB or risk fans revolting.  The Texans released longtime fan favorite and star running back Arian Foster and in return picked up Lamar Miller (Smart move! see my article here on that move).

The other big move was picking up Brock Osweiler, and the Texans fans I have talked to are, well what I would call overly optimistic.  I am a born and raised KC Chiefs fan and I like to think every year the Chiefs will win it all, but the problem I see is Texans fans think they have the next Tom Brady.

Osweiler is average at best and is going to let down Texans fans.  He is maybe middle of the pack, but nothing special, he cashed in at the right time and got a huge contract.  Texans fans will be sorely disappointed in a few years when he hasn’t won them six super bowls (that is the type of hype this move is getting).

Don’t get me wrong Osweiler was probably the best move they could make this off-season, there wasn’t much else they could do, that was this low risk.  Osweiler will come in and play decent, but he isn’t the long term answer, he had some average games in Denver and some bad games.

I feel sorry for Texans fans, they are under the impression that this guy is the missing piece to their next 10 years of being a dynasty. I see him as a game manager who might be able to have some success in Houston with that defense, but isn’t the one to win it all.

I will also say it was the best of the bad options the Texans had to choose from this off-season so it is a smart move, just not going to bring the results Texans fans expect.