The Redskins in their first pick of the NFL Draft went offensive.

After trading back a spot going from the 21st to the 22nd overall pick in the first round Washington has officially grabbed Josh Doctson of TCU.

Gruden stated on the new recruit “I anticipate him to be challenging for a lot of (footballs) in this offense”

Gruden also stated via twitter that Doctson reminds him of A.J. Green, the coach’s former receiver while he was with the Bengals.

Doctson of TCU is the deep receiver that has been missing from the Redskins offensive game. Doctson his senior year completed 78 passes for 1,326 yards and 14 touchdowns. He is listed at 6′ 2″  and 202lbs making him the tallest of the Redskin’s current receiving line up.

Doctson is the kind of player that coaches want in the huddle. His strength is that he is the teachable kind of athlete. You can’t ask for more than that for players coming into their first professional season of the game. Doctson has tweeted that he’d like to be remembered as the walk-on not the All-American.

He carries with him the “walk-on” mentality. This is a powerful thing to have inside of your young athlete. You can’t coach that kind of spiteful discipline. The walk-on mentality is one that will not let themselves be outworked or underestimated. It is one that holds itself accountable to themselves and their game.

From walk-on to first round pick in the draft,

expect great things of Josh Doctson.