Day 2 of the 2016 NFL draft has come to an end and with it the Dolphins have added 3 new players. Not everything went as expected and Miami passed on players many had them taking in mock drafts. They seem to have mixed their selections on need and players they liked. So who exactly are the newest members of the Phins? Lets take a look.cropped_USPW_413066CB Xavien Howard (R2#38)

With the 38th pick in round 2, the Dolphins selected CB Xavien Howard from Baylor. The Dolphins felt they needed to trade up 4 spots from their original 42nd slot. So they executed a deal with Baltimore, swapping 2nd round picks and giving the ravens their 4th rounder (107). Howard is an intriguing prospect standing at 6 ft 200 lbs. He allowed the third lowest catch rate among targets for receivers. Miami missed out on corners in round one, so this pick was to be seen. Many though it would Mackensie Alexander, but the Dolphins liked the intangibles of Howard. I really like this pick and I think Howard will pair nicely in zone coverage with Byron Maxwell. However, Howard will have to be ready to start on day 1 and will have a lot to learn on new defensive schemes with more zone coverage. Good pick here.

RB Kenyan Drake (R3#73)

This pick of Kenyan Drake was a surprise, not because he is a RB, but because he is not your typical back. Drake was more of the pass catching back for the backfield of Alabama behind Derrick Henry. Drake is very versatile and can help out on special teams returning kicks. Currently Jarvis Landry was the only KR and PR on the team, so it is nice to see more special teams talent being added to lighten Landry’s load. I do not know much else about Drake, but Clint Lamb (our very own) has more about him that you read here. I hope this pick pays off and Drake can help Ajayi out in the backfield, but I do not see him as the bell-cow for this offense and the search will continue. Also, I felt that the Phins could have waited on this pick and maybe traded down a bit.

WR Leonte Carroo (R3#86)

This pick came out of the blue. I thought the Phins were done for the night and I started to prep this article, but then BANG, Miami has traded back into the third round. I was wondering why and how much? Turns out they really…REALLY like Leonte Carroo. After looking him over, 5’11” receiver from Rutgers with good hands and solid speed, I liked him too. The Dolphins know how to pick good wides and I feel they may have found another one in Carroo. On the other hand, Miami gave up 3 picks for this one. Some very high ones next year (3&4) and our 6th this year. That is a lot to give for a position you probably do not even need. The Dolphins are stacked at receiver with Landry, Parker, and Stills. Kenny Still is a free agent in 2017, but it would be odd to replace him this early. Overall, I’m not sold on this pick as much as I am in the player. I guess we will have to wait to see how good he is and then who cares how much we gave up.

The Dolphins have covered needs in CB, RB, and special teams. They may have gotten some starters out of the first 3 rounds, but much remains to be seen. The Phins will have a 5th and two 7th rounders on Saturday. Who know if they make any more trades and there are still needs across the board. A DT, LB, OG, and hopefully a QB.

Round 2&3 grade: C-