The Miami Dolphins were one of the hottest teams in the NFL coming into Sundays game against the LA Rams. So it was no surprise that they were heavily favored going up against a rookie QB in Jared Goff. However, the game did not go as planned for the Phins, who had to overcome a shut out through the first 3 quarters to win in the fourth with two Ryan Tannehill TD drives. With a final score of 14-10.  The defense did a great job throughout the game and only gave up a Todd Gurley TD run and a FG in the third quarter. They also got the stops when needed in crunch time. The Rams played very conservative partly due to the rain and mostly due to having a rookie QB in his first start. Goff was not asked to do much and did not make any mistakes. However, he never developed a rhythm in the passing game so when the rams needed a response tot he Phins 4th quarter drives, he was unable to get it done.

The LA Rams defense was stagnant through the game and really put the pressure on a banged up O-line for Miami. The Dolphins cam into the game without LT Brandon Albert and C Mike Pouncey. They later lost Laremy Tunsil too, so they made work with a makeshift line of Young at LT, Urbick at LG, Steen at C, and Bushrod and James on the right side. Miami was affected by poor line play throughout the game and only broke off a few runs because of it. So it was really up to Tannehill and the wides to come through and come through they did. DeVante Parker had his best performance of the season and is looking more and more like the elite talent many thought he could be.

The Dolphins have now won 5 straight games, a feat never accomplished before by Tannehill. They will look to continue this streak next week, returning to Hard Rock stadium in Miami to take on the Niners. San Fran was just beat up by the Patriots, but they will play the Phins hard and Miami has to get that offensive line ready. Miami is right in the Playoff mix and were helped by a Chiefs loss today, they remain one game back of a wildcard spot.

Thanks for reading and expect more reports on the Dolphins throughout this Thanksgiving week!