The Miami Dolphins are inching closer and closer to Draft night and the vibe from the team shows that they have not made up their mind. The Dolphins dropped to the 13th pick in the 2016 NFL draft after swapping the 8th selection for the 13th and defensive players. Linebacker Kiko Alonso and Corner Byron Maxwell are the two players brought in to shore up a defense that was bottom 5 in most statistical defensive categories. They also cut their best CB, Brent Grimes, for cap relief and off the field issues.

Before the swapping of the picks, Miami was in good position to take whatever falls their way. Ezekiel Elliot or Vernon Hargreaves were obvious candidates. Now with the trades made by the Rams and the Eagles, as many as 3 QB’s may go in the top 10. Though this would benefit the Dolphins, too many teams still stand between them and potential targets. The Dolphins must come out of the first round with a starting CB or RB. Elliot is a threat to come off the board as early as 4 to Dallas, and again at 6, 10, or 11. So they can’t hitch their bets on staying put. If they truly want Elliot trading up may be the only option and if the Cowboys pass on Elliot at 4, don’t be surprised if the Dolphins call Tampa for their 9th pick.EzekielElliot15

Another option is waiting to see if Hargreaves drops. As mentioned, if 3 QB’s go and Elliot follows, the chances of Hargreaves making it to 13 vastly increases. These two players are the top ranked at their respected positions and the Dolphins need one of them to have a successful draft. If both come off the board, Miami could look to trade down and gain an extra pick. That way they can still get a solid CB like Artie Burns or Kendall Fuller.

Either way, the draft can swing many ways for the Dolphins and others. Stay tuned for more Draft coverage as we wait for the dominoes to fall on April 28.