It’s over Miami. The season that started so somberly with a 1-4 start has come to an end. It ended in similar fashion, disappointment. The Dolphins lost their first playoff game since 2008, this time to the Steelers 30-6. The game was a wash from the start as Miami had no answer for Antonio Brown or LeVeon Bell. Matt Moore tried his best by completing 80% of his passes but his 3 turnovers were too much to handle. The Dolphins made their extended season a short one and will now walk into the off-season…

…Hey don’t look so glum, after all the Phins had their best season since 2013 and they have more hope now than when they were bounced out in ’08. The Dolphins have a head coach that they can rely on for the future in Adam Gase and Ryan Tannehill will clearly be the guy for a few more years at the least. Remember that the Dolphins came into the season projected to be in the basement of the AFC and with a worse roster than last year, it was a strong possibility. They failed to add any LB besides Kiko and the Corners were all unproven guys. They lost Lamar Miller and Brent Grimes. So when these Dolphins won 9 out of the next 10 games after the 1-4 start, it was magical. The magic of a team and coach who all bought into being different. To not be the Dolphins of old and give games away by beating themselves. These Dolphins made several 4th quarter come backs that were unfathomable by last years team. How? How did a team that got worse on paper and added a rookie head coach get better? You could say it was a culture change or maybe it was just time for some good to happen in Dolphins country.

Truthfully, the Dolphins were just a much better coached team this year and they limited their turnovers while turning over their opponent. For that, Adam Gase does deserve some consideration for COY. As does Cameron Wake for comeback player of the year. Wake tore his ACL last year and came back at the age of 34 to register 11.5 sacks. Not an easy task. So many Dolphins players deserve recognition for finally turning the corner and playing like they wanted to bring Miami a playoff berth. They did and we are grateful to them for that. So do not turn your back on this team for loosing a tough playoff game. Embrace the potential and success that this team has in store. Remember that the Dolphins are for real in August when they open the 2017 season. Go out and support them and show the nation why the Miami Dolphins are one of the best teams in the AFC and are no fluke.

Thanks for reading guys, and we will definitely dive into what the Dolphins have to do roster wise to take that next step. Enjoy the rest of the playoffs and let me know who you got going the rest of the way. Personally I don’t see anyone beating the Patriots in the AFC, so I will go Pats-Packers in the Superbowl. Take it easy and follow me on twitter for more.