Well… The Draft came and went… Now our little piece of football is gone and we’re back to the sad life of relying on news from voluntary OTAs and mini-camps for our football fix.

*Collective sigh from football junkies across the country*

But, nonetheless, it was fun while it lasted right? I mean our Colts front office did a HELL of a job on getting what we needed in the draft!

Wonder if they read my po……..nope, nevermind! It doesn’t matter because what’s done is done! (Smiles and internally takes 5% credit :p)

In case you somehow missed it, or just want a quick refresher, here is how the Colts faired over the weekend:

*1st Round: Center Ryan Kelly, Alabama

*2nd Round: Safety T.J. Green, Clemson

*3rd Round: Offensive Tackle La’Raven Clark, Texas Tech

4th Round: Defensive Tackle Hassan Ridgeway, Texas

*4th Round: Outside Linebacker Antonio Morrison, Florida

5th Round: Offensive Tackle Joe Haeg, North Dakota State

7th Round: Outside Linebacker Trevor Bates, Maine

7th Round: Center Austin Blythe, Iowa

*= Major key alert!!

For those of you who don’t know much about DJ Khaled.. “Major keys” are good things, and I look for these players to come in and fill an immediate need right away!

There were no “spash picks”…no surprises.. Just good “ole pickin” what we needed to succeed. Offensive lineman, pass rushers, and a little bit of secondary help. I honestly don’t see how it could’ve went any better for the Colts.

I won’t go down the list as to why each player was a good pick up, but I definitely will give some praise to GM Grigson and Irsay about Ryan Kelly!

The guy is just as smart as he is a powerhouse on the line! A 4.0 GPA student in college that I expect will work perfectly with Luck for years to come. (Maybe he’ll join the bookclub! O_o OMG mind blown right?!)

Even with their “best player on the board” philosophy, the Colts say that Kelly was always number one on their board no matter what and I believe it! He should be a plug and play starter from the very first day he puts on the blue and white.

I would also like to poke just a little bit of fun at one our 4th round picks Antonio Morrison, who was a top OLB prospect coming into the draft but fell on the board due to some “off the field issues”.

Well turns out his biggest issues came in the form on getting arrested.. But for what? The typical cases…weed…DUI…assault…stealing crab legs? Nope! None of the above. He was arrested for something much more heinous….BARKING AT A POLICE DOG!

What?! Seriously?! I didn’t even know that was a thing… Wow, I’d lie if I said I didn’t get a good laugh out of that.

Now understand me… I wasn’t laughing because he got arrested, or because he broke a supposed law I didn’t know existed. I laughed because of ALL the things these guys get arrested for these days and ALL the reasons you’d let a talented player pass by you for three and a half rounds…it was that?

The Colts could’ve just found one of the steals of this draft with that pick. Only time will tell though. But for now, I’m sure Indy will try to keep him out of the police’s sights…

(Thank goodness we don’t play the Browns this year right?)