After the Titans dropped a nuclear bomb on most NFL draft boards last Friday by trading the top pick in the 2016 NFL Draft the Eagles carpet bombed them one more time today. Philadelphia traded up to #2 by making a deal with the Browns. Cleveland will fall back to #8 and picked up a boatload of picks in return.

After the Rams traded up to #1 last week the Browns were rumored to be talking with the Jets and Eagles about a trade. Cleveland was supposedly interested in taking Cal QB Jared Goff with the second pick but after Los Angeles jumped in front of them Browns GM Sashi Brown wanted to trade back for more selections.

By trading back the Browns will pick up from the Eagles,
#8 pick in 2016 Draft (1st round)
#79 pick in 2016 Draft (3rd round)
#100 pick in 2016 Draft (4th round)
1st round pick in 2017 Draft
2nd round pick in 2018 Draft

The Eagles picked up the following from Cleveland,
#2 pick in 2016 Draft (1st round)
4th round pick in 2017 Draft

By making the deal with the Browns the Eagle are all but guaranteeing that they will draft either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff depending on who the Rams take at #1.

It’s interesting to note that the 4th round pick this year going to Cleveland was picked up by the Eagles last month when Philly swapped fourth round picks with the Titans when they traded DeMarco Murray.

By dropping to #8 Cleveland will still get a playmaker and set themselves up with an extra first round selection in 2017. The Browns can still go after a QB but if they decide to go after Paxton Lynch they may be reaching for him since he’s been evaluated as a mid to late first rounder. Cleveland can still go after a quarterback in the second or mid-rounds where guys like Dak Prescott and Christian Hackenburg will be available.