Falcons Look to Make the Most of Draft

The Dirty Birds Have to Shake the Draft Woes


There’s good news and bad news if you happen to be a Falcon’s fan this time next week. The good news is that in spite of suffering a year that, once again, built us up (6-0 start) only to let us down, we have reached draft day. The bad news is that we only have five picks. Let’s hope that we don’t pass on another guy that has already sold thousands of Saturday tickets in a large stadium within the state of Georgia. It still hurts, I’m sorry.

We had to forfeit a 5th round pick because the NFL wants real voice boxes making noise in the Georgia dome. Go figure. Then we had to strike a deal with the Titans for an overpaid Andy Levitre. There goes our 6th round pick. So, we have five picks. Mr. Blank seems to think we can pull three starters from five picks, but we have to count on a selection process that may involve a board game spinner. Let’s hope we don’t see Dimitroff walking out of Target with Twister in tow. The Falcons need help at safety, linebacker, and the offensive line. An addition to the pass rush would be nice as well. If I were Dimitroff, this is where I would start.

Round 1: Leonard Floyd, OLB, UGA

Go with the in-state product unless you’ve got Myles Jack (OLB/S-UCLA) available. Floyd has done a great job in Athens at both inside and outside linebacker spots. Braxton “The Spin Move” Miller would be a fun pick for round 1 though. Please don’t though, Falcons. Stay on task here.

Round 2: Hunter Henry, TE, Arkansas

Give Matt Ryan his tight end option back, please GIVE HIM BACK HIS TONY G!!! Seriously, if you want to keep the heat off Ryan, give him this beast to check down to. He’s versatile enough to fill a slot receiver role on occasion, and he can block (2 birds with one boulder). Keanu Neal (SS-UF) would be the only player that would make me waver if I am the Falcons…other than Braxton Miller.

Round 3: Vadal Alexander, OG, LSU

Impressive size and experience in the trenches pushing for Leonard Fournette. If he isn’t available, stay with LSU and pick up safety Jalen Mills. I would also love life to see the Falcons go with Arkansas gun-slinger & big man, Sebastian Tretola. Braxton Miller also played QB… at Ohio State.

Round 4: Address the Need/Build the future

This will be an area where you have to fill the hole with the best player to fit your needs. If you need your safety, guard, or linebacker- now is the time. There are a plethora of outside backers in the first 4 rounds. Atlanta should look to snag a possible slider like Jordan Jenkins (UGA) or take a stab at a backup option for Matt Ryan if you think you have your ducks in a row. Yes, I said quarterback. Calm down. As far as quarterback options at this point, you will be looking at guys like Cardale Jones (tOSU), Dak Prescott (Miss. St.), and Kevin Hogan (Stan.). If you wait for…

Round 7

…to do so, you’re going to be picking between Cody Kessler and Brandon Doughty. The Navy standout Keenan Reynolds  would likely be around at that point as well. If he’s on the board, pick him for his football IQ alone. He’s listed as a wide receiver. Former QBs make for great wide outs, just ask the Patriots and their rings. If you wait til round 7, you won’t have Braxton Miller though. He’ll be playing for the Saints, Carolina, or Tampa Bay. That’s just the way these things play out.