After falling 27-23 to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday afternoon, the Washington Redskins have shown themselves to be a mess as a staff, record label and a [insert favorite colorful descriptive expletive] crew.

Unlike in the Monday night opener, there was no offensive explosion by one player or tandem on the opposing team to take away from the glaring issues on display for a second straight week. The $75M man, actually saw a lot of Bryant yesterday. The run defense though not stout, didn’t get gashed on the ground and the pass rush racked up four sacks.

The Skins second loss in as many games, came down to two factors. A 4th round pick named the starter by default out playing a franchise tagged QB five years his senior. And one coaching staff drastically out schemed the other, with little to no difficulty. What the HAIL!

Though better than his Monday night performance, Cousins remains far too out of sync for this Redskins offense to function the way it’s coaches prefer it to.

OFF leaders vs DAL
* Kirk Cousins 28 for 46, 364 yds 1 TD 1 INT
* Matt Jones 13 att 61 yds 1 TD
* Jordan Reed 5 rec 70 yds

Though not as many ground ball to first throws as in game one, Cousins missed badly on three attempts that should have been sure fire TDs. And we won’t even discuss the back breaking fourth quarter pick in the end zone. For a team struggling inside the 20 early in 2016, he simply can not afford to miss on those types of opportunities.

On the three passes in question, each time receivers were either wide open (Crowder, Doctson) or running open (Jackson). For context sake, the deep shot to DJax, was a 50-50 shot that you need your starting NFL quarterback to make. The missed throw to Doctson would have been six, if he didn’t have to completely stop his momentum to turn around and wait for the ball. And the throw to Crowder? We heard after the game, talk from Kirk about Jamison possibly coming out of his break at the wrong angle or depth on the route in question. Let’s be clear, #80 was wide open. #8 missed him, end of story.

Defensively, the fact that the team played better yesterday, is taken with a grain of salt– as they played a rookie backfield this week and an elite offense, the game prior. Which is what makes yesterday so frustrating. The run defense gave up 83 and a touch to #4 overall pick Zeke Elliott. They forced him to fumble twice however (recovering one). Dak Prescott on the other hand though sacked four times, looked far too comfortable in the pocket, amassing 292 yards in the air w/one rushing TD.

Dallas won yesterday’s game despite being undermanned (injuries + suspensions) on both sides of the ball, not because they were the better team. But because they did what professional sports teams are paid to do. Take advantage of what is given. And if your opponents’ coaching staff is allowing you to repeatedly do something that’s working, you’d be a fool to go away from it.

Brian Spurlock-USA Today

After the Pittsburgh loss, HC Jay Gruden replied during his presser, “…you know, we get a little bit too giddy sometimes with the weapons that we have.”

Six days later, that same coach led a group that again chose to moonwalk away from the running game. Continue to force the ball in the hands of a QB that is clearly pressing at every turn. Throw fades, plural, to a rookie who missed all of preseason. Either not adjust their defensive scheme to an offense that bootlegged them like a summer blockbuster at the barbershop or sub out guys not reading the proper keys for what’s being called.

In losing at home to this Dallas team, Washington equaled their home loss total from 2015, in their first two games.

After eight quarters of football, who would have thought the burgundy and gold would be sitting at 0-2 thanks to an inaccurate passing game and play calling?

GET SOME ALF! Perfect way to salt this game away.