Ahh it’s that time of year again. Time to break out those fresh, new draft sheets, start ordering your draft kits, all in hopes of finding that diamond in the rough, the ugly duckling, the one no one saw coming……

*drum roll*

…….the sleeper.

The sleeper is a bit of a controversial term now in the world of fantasy football. While many players are in fact, a sleeper, just how much is a guy a sleeper if every website has him as their sleeper? Or how overlooked is someone if everyone in your league has him down as the one to watch?

Just a few things to think about before deciding that no one is thinking of what you’re thinking. Just make sure you do your homework.

One of the most difficult things is to find a fantasy sleep on a young, unproven team, anyone is a prime candidate to break out, and chances are, it’s always the guy that NO ONE saw coming, probably not even the head coach believed what he is seeing, so don’t feel bad if you’re way off the mark. These kinds of things happen, we’re all human after all.

Despite the difficulties in finding a sleeper on a young team, that is exactly what is going to be done.

Today’s team: the pewter and red bad boys of the bay area, no not San Francisco, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Bucs have been making incremental improvements over the past two seasons, and are hoping that Jameis avoids a sophomore slump and continues to elevate his teammates around him.

Truth be told, the guys to look out for on the Bucs are probably already on your watch list, but just in case you slipped up, here they are:

  1. Adam Humphries
  2. Robert Aguayo
  3. Buccaneers D/ST

First off, lets start with Mr. Humphries.

Adam Humphries had a quietly productive rookie season for a guy who was undrafted. While only totaling 27 catches for 260 yards and one score, he seemed to be a hand-in-glove fit in Koetter’s vertical offense, and will only improve over time. Look for Humphries to get a few more targets this year and to be a WR3/Flex option in favorable matchups.

Robert Aguayo is arguably the greatest college kicker of all time, and if last season is any indication, kickers have never been so important. The NFC South should be more competitive this season, so look for Aguayo to have plenty of opportunity to put points on the board.

Lastly, the Buc’s defense/special teams. First things first, they will in no way shape or form be a top tier defense…but that doesn’t meant that they will not be effective. The Buc’s defense added a few important pieces in the draft and the offseason (Grimes, Hargreaves, Spence) and look to be a much more complete unit than a year ago. The Buc’s situational defense should be much better than a year ago and should not suffer from as many late game scores, and also with the improved secondary should cause a few more turnovers. Look for this defense/special teams to surprise a few, and be in the 10-15 range (fantasy positional ranking) as a solid option as a late round selection in your fantasy drafts. Tampa Bay Bucs logo