By Marc Mandell

@mandell_W on Twitter

The last two weeks the Broncos have gone from front-runner to dumb-bummer. Coach Kubiak missed last week with what I am calling a head injury. I say head injury because after watching the offense not work against Atlanta and San Diego, the only logical explanation is that Coach intentionally slammed his head into the hardest object he could find, trying to come up with a solution, but just resulted in a head injury. Defense has been leaky as well. And Special Teams have been, not great. But now, nearly half way through the season the Denver Broncos are preparing for what many Bronco fans are calling the game of the season so far. Monday Night Football, prime time lights. It’s time say hello to an old friend, Brock Osweiler and the Houston Texans. Yeah, I just got pumped too.

Let’s just get into it. As a Bronco fan I think what happened with Brock last year was very NFL-esq. He won some incredibly important games for Denver, was a major reason for the success of the Broncos, and then….. signed with a different team. He played 7 games. Not 7 seasons. Paying a player with 7 games under his belt 18 million dollars annually, is not a good idea. The other side of that coin is that 18 mill is the going rate for a QB in this league. But that wasn’t the reason he left Denver was it? Nope, not even close. He felt slighted. He felt like the Broncos didn’t respect him, and then a team came along that did. I don’t blame him for taking the money and running. Like you or I would do anything different right? I blame him for what happened after. He didn’t meet with the team to go to the White House, or to receive the Super Bowl 50 rings. Are you kidding me? He said it was because he had practice. Practice? We’re talking about practice. Over meeting the President? No way, he was afraid to show his face around the team. He was scared. And the best part? He still is.

So far so….rough for Brocket Man. And he is about to play a twisted angry defense that is just looking, scratch that, hunting for a reason to get back at the doubters. Here’s what LB Brandon Marshall had to say about the upcoming prime time match up.

The entire Denver Broncos organization is expecting the team to get back into the win column this week. Expecting to get to 5-2. Expecting to destroy the Houston Texans. The Brock angle is as juicy as it gets, but there is more to the Texans than just 17. Lamar Miller is the main running back out of the back field. He is very explosive, but just like Denver, the RB’s are struggling to get to the end zone. Miller has 520 yards entering the game on Monday night however only 1 touchdown. If you own him in fantasy, I feel your pain. He can burst out of the hole, but just like the Broncos, can’t get all the way home. The offensive line of Houston is grading right in the middle of the league, just like Denver. DeAndre Hopkins is a top flight receiver, however like the Broncos, the QB can’t always get the ball to him. These two teams are more alike than one might think. And the other problem Denver is hoping to fix?

It’s time Coach Kubiak stops deferring the kick offs at the start of games. One huge problem that Denver has had is that the opposing teams offenses are often marching right down the field on the opening drive and score. Last Thursday, San Diego went 75 yards on 12 plays to score a touchdown on the opening drive. At home against Atlanta, the Falcons went 75 yards on 9 plays to score a touchdown. It’s time the Broncos take the ball with the opening drive. One, to prevent the opposition from building momentum and two, to build some rhythm themselves.

Two things with this. First is that I’m sure he is not preparing just like any other defense. I have no doubt in my mind that he has quotes, pictures and miles of game tape that he might not utilize facing a different team. And the other, is that if he is treating this like any other defense, he shouldn’t. Like I mentioned earlier, Denver is frothing at the mouth to get back to total dominance. Like a pumpkin that wants its head cut open, Denver’s D can’t wait to take that spoon and scoop out Houston’s hope, and Brock’s pride. Yes it’s personal.

Denver is even pulling out the old uniforms from deep, deep in the closet. I always liked these blue unis myself. Last time Denver wore these they beat the Green Bay Packers 29-10 last season. With the return of the head coach, getting their rear ends ripped apart by said coach, an old acquaintance and those stylish uniforms, Denver will have absolutely zero excuses this week. No way the Broncos lose this game on Monday Night Football. As close as these two teams are, it’s going to come down to turnovers and who wants it more. Who is more motivated to get the win? And you know it just as well as I do, Denver is just too hungry. Not even all the Snickers that we are going to eat ourselves sick with could be enough to satisfy the ravenous hunger that Denver is feeling. The Broncos are not going to lose 3 in a row. I’ve got a score of 21-27 Denver. What about you?

As always thank you so much for reading, and stay tuned for the wrap up on Tues. Until then, GO BRONCOS!!!!!!