Full Week of Colts Camp and HOF Festivities


A little over a week into the camp and as expected:

There are some good things we’ve seen…

Some bad things we wish we hadn’t seen…

And some unusual things we, well wish we wouldn’t have to see happen to “The Boyz in Blue” and their fans…

Let’s start with the good, shall we?

Andrew Luck seems to not be showing any signs of slowing down now since his pocket’s got a lot “heavier”, which is great to see! It seems to be so far so good for not only him, but for all the skill weapons on the offensive side of the ball.

Luck’s premier receiving weapons all also seem to be having great camps as pretty much all of them are focusing on staying much healthier than they did last season.

Donte Moncrief, TY Hilton, Phillip Dorsett, & Dwayne Allen all suffered from some kind of injuries that plagued them last season. Although, some weeks it was a toss up, Moncrief and Hilton were the only two of the bunch to play all 16 games in 2015.

Frank Gore appears to be having a good camp as well as he enters his second season with the Horseshoe. Although his QB is getting paid the big bucks, expect for him to be ready to build on his rough 2015 campaign.

Another great thing we’ve seen so far was the inductions of “Colts Immortals” Tony Dungy and Marvin Harrison. Both were the definition of professionals and very, very successful in their careers.

dungy harrison

As expected, Coach Dungy had an outstanding speech. He touched on his playing days in Pittsburgh during the “Steel Curtain” years, and also the coaches who influenced him most throughout his life.

So presumably knowing he’d have to hold his own next to his former coach, Harrison had a great speech in his own right! He didn’t talk too incredibly long, only 11 minutes.

(cough cough, Brett Favre’s 36 minute speech)…

But what he said was great, and even funny in some spots!

Who would’ve thought that “The Silent Assassin” actually had a good sense of humor? I think the only time I ever saw him smile was back in ’07 when the Colts finally got that Super Bowl title!

Now for the not so good news? Let me start by saying that THANKFULLY, this portion won’t be as long because there hasn’t been too much that has went wrong… *knocks on every wood surface in general area*

1st-Round draft pick C Ryan Kelly is dealing with a hurt shoulder and was not going to play in the HOF game Sunday night. (I’ll come back to that subject soon -_-)

Other notable absences from camp practices last week were: Arthur Jones, Kendall Langford, & Robert Mathis. Tough week for the defensive side of the ball to say the least.

And finally…..the unusual.. This really doesn’t need much of an intro or description…



I know Andrew…. I feel it too *sigh*…

I’ve heard so many different stories as to what happened that I’ve pretty much had it. Someone doesn’t know how to paint….The paint wasn’t dry…They tried to dry it and messed up the turf…I don’t know what was going on.

All I know is, now we all have to wait another week for some football! I don’t care if it is preseason or not, dang it I needed it.

I guess it’s good that the NFL will refund the money to everyone who had tickets to the game. Nonetheless, this is the second year there has been issues with this field and last year it actually cost the Steelers their kicker for the year! So, this needs to get fixed ASAP.

The Colts got Monday off, but will be back at it Tuesday in preparation for what will now be their first preseason game Sunday in Buffalo against the Bills.

Hopefully, I’ll be getting up to Anderson University this week and can get some videos and MAYBE even slide my way into a quick sound bite or interview!

So stay turned for that!

Make this week great! Go Colts!!