By Joe Knock

As a lifetime fan of football in northeast Ohio, I’ve come to an understanding with our local underdogs, the Cleveland Browns. That understanding, as fragile as it is, seems to be a common thread amongst our communities. We all share the hope that some day, it’ll be our year.

That hope starts every April as soon as the buzz around the NFL Draft kicks up. Now I’ve only been around for the latter part of the Browns. I missed out on the cardiac days but trust me, I’ve read the legendary articles. And I’ve seen the horrific game films that show how close we came to glory. But my first whole-hearted taste of Cleveland came when the team was sold. With that being said, and it being April, the NFL Draft is nearly here and there’s more than enough reasons to have my fair share of doubts. Do we have the QB spot on lock with the recent addition of Robert Griffin III? Are we gonna choose wisely and go with some depth we need elsewhere?

We all have our own hopes and dreams for the team, mainly that tradition of “there’s always next year” going away.

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Allen is a die-hard football fan who has covered the NFL since 2007 and has written for numerous sites online covering football, MMA and pro wrestling. Allen is based out of Nashville and has a sales background as well as a career managing fighters in the UFC, Bellator and Strikeforce.