Homecoming for Hargreaves?


One thing you can always count on in sports is that success leads to copycats.

Starting with the run of dominance that the Seattle Seahawks garnered a few years back with their “Legion of Boom”, the other teams began to follow suit and try and design their defense with the Seahawks as their blueprint.

By now, I’m sure we’re all aware of what puts the “Boom” in “Legion of Boom”; The lengthy, aggressive secondary, the speedy pass rushers, and lastly, the dynamic linebackers, who play the pass as well as they fill their gaps when they’re stopping the run. The Seahawks truly showed the league how to build a complete defense as opposed to one better suited to defend the pass and vice versa.

In a league where offense reigns supreme, this change of pace on the defensive side of the ball has influenced other teams to follow in the success of the Seahawks by building impressive units of their own, using the same blueprint.

Teams such as those featured in this year’s Super Bowl, have began to reap the benefits of following the Seahawks blueprint. In fact, this year’s Super Bowl participants, the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, might have even developed better versions of Seattle’s lauded defensive unit.

While some teams have successfully made the necessary adjustments to combat against the high powered offenses in this league, others are still attempting to make their mark with their own defenses. Luckily, the draft is right around the corner and there is plenty of top talent from the defensive side of the ball.

One of the top talents that will undoubtedly become a star is the University of Florida’s stud cornerback, Vernon Hargreaves.

Hargreaves comes from Tampa, Florida and has the unique opportunity to be drafted by his hometown squad, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers…if he still on the board when their pick comes around.

The Bucs have the ninth pick in this year’s draft and have been searching for a defensive identity over the past few seasons. Hargreaves could prove to be a vital piece in revitalizing this stale unit, and honestly, who doesn’t love to hear a good hometown hero story?

The draft is only a mere 24 days away, so keep an eye out on the Buc’s interest in the former Gators standout. Many mocks have him going to a different team that calls the “Sunshine state” home, the Jacksonville Jaguars, who could use some help in their secondary as well. If the Jags decide to pass on Hargreaves, the Bucs will probably pull the trigger and bring Vernon home to Tampa.

The Bucs have been longing for a player to take charge of their secondary since future hall-of-famer Ronde Barber decided to hang up their cleats.

Keep your fingers crossed Bucs fans, Mr. Hargreaves just might be the answer to your prayers.