What are we doing here? Why am I seeing the possibility of Reggie Ragland going to the Atlanta Falcons being hyped? Are we really going to do this again? Are we going to let ourselves get our hopes up again? Why, yes…yes, we are. Will we be disappointed again? I can’t say for sure, but yes, we are. Shall we dream on anyway? Why not?! What does the hype train do before the draft?! (CRAZY TRAIN OPENING RIFF PLAYS IN THE BACKGROUND) RISE UP!!!

This is Reggie. He is the destroyer of worlds. Photo by Kent Gidley
This is Reggie. He is the destroyer of worlds.
Photo by Kent Gidley

So, we are looking to get ourselves an absolute mad man of a linebacker that crushes heroes and eats the hopes of those who look up to them. The 6’1″ 247lb. Ragland has some great rush ability as cited in his draft analysis. The only slight to his game is that he may lack a touch of speed necessary for open field situations and man coverage. So, what? Who is going to complain about having a powerful, old-school power bomb staring down the opposing QB before the snap? Our last pro bowl linebacker was Georgia Tech’s Keith Brooking. That was a while ago. If Reggie Ragland gets taken 17th overall, that streak will likely be snapped. Who knows? Maybe he’ll turn out to be as productive as another Crimson Tide linebacker that was selected 17th overall by Baltimore.

At any rate, the hopes are up. So, do the Falcons apologize ahead of time? No. There won’t be an apology. There isn’t a guarantee that Ragland will still be on the board. Because of the hype, however, it will hurt the Falcons to pass on the Reggie the Ripper (I am trying too hard). Can the Falcons pass on a man that could have an entire section of Mercedes-Benz stadium named after him? The Raglands… No? I thought it was catchy.

Anyway, here’s some Braxton Miller highlights. We all seem to like those. Go Falcons!