In this 2017 mock draft, we show the Jets change of pace as they make a critical decision for the future.  Just before the bell rings, in less than an hour from now the New York Jets will either make a franchise changing decision or NOT.

With all the remaining nagging questions, ultimately there are only three simple ones that ring clear.  Will the Jets do the right thing this year? Will they do what they’ve always done?  Should we expect what we’ve always expected?

Some would say that the time is now to make aggressive decisions for offense and others proclaim defense. Equally, it’s important to note that given the Jets situations, both sides of the ball are screaming for attention in this years’ draft. However, statistically the Jets offense performed worse, 30th in 2016 and should be the early focus tonight.

With seven selections and possibly more and with the right conditions, the Jets can make quality choices.  Fortunately, history has shown us that there are excellent picks for teams in the beginning of the draft as well the end. Historically, the Jets have predominately chosen defensive ends and defensive backs with their first pick.

Change of pace:

If you’re thinking a first-round quarterback is the solution for the Jets, then consider this.

Over the last 20 years of the draft, the Jets have chosen 12 quarterbacks. Mark Sanchez and Chad Pennington were chosen in the first round, and Christian Hackenburg, Geno Smith and Kellen Clemens were all second-round selections.

Collectively, during this time, previously drafted quarterbacks have led the Jets to a 161-159 record.  The slightly good news here is that it’s over .500 and it led to three forgettable conference championship appearances.

 Round 1Tight End

 Round 2 – Runner Back

Back to the basics:

Defensive backs over the course of the draft are deep. No matter the round, there are a plethora of solid choices that will bring day one impact.

Round 3Defensive End

Round 3Safety

No surprise:

If the Jets insists on buying a quarterback for the 13th time, here would be a great time to make a steal. If by some unforeseen outcome there is a Joshua Dobbs or Brad Kaaya or Pat Mahomes or Sefo Liufau still up for grabs, then why not take another chance. Why? Because history can sometimes play cruel tricks on the mind while tugging at the heart and because you’re the Jets.

Round 5Quarterback

The Jets get it right

Last Call:

If we give them time, they will throw. Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan make smooth moves before the doors close that buys Josh McCown or Bryce Petty the needed time in the pocket; sealing the deal to improving the third worst offensive line.

Round 6Offensive Tackle

Round 7Guard

The Jets have an additional compensatory pick in the third round. They are not selecting in the fourth.