“When you’re playing bad ball, you’re playing bad ball” Brandon Marshall
Momentum can be defined as the impetus gained by a “mass in motion”. In sports, a positive or negative play, a call by the referee or a call by the coach are the impetus to momentum and are decisions that alters the course of a game and the season.
 What would you say is the biggest reason for the Jets terrible season?
In the final minutes of the 2015 week 16 matchup between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills the Jets momentum changed by a series of negative plays and they since haven’t been able to regain the momentum that propelled them to 10 wins and a chance to make the playoffs at the end of last season.
Jets OC Chan Gailey found this question difficult and could not pin point the reasons exactly. “ I don’t think there’s one simple, easy, “OK, let’s do this and everything’s back to the way it was last year.”
So here we are, we are here and it comes down to two teams playing a football game knowing that there want be any real winners. No more football, no awards ceremony, no parades and everybody is going home.
“There are a lot of different ways to define progress” 
Christian Hackenberg
How would you define progress?
In my 60:00 post last week I expressed that if the Jets played the entire 60:00 minutes of the game then their chances of winning against the Patriots would have been highly probable. This assumption was contingent on the idea that against this team knowing their history together, the Jets would fire all cylinders and not only make things interesting but maybe win a convincing second meeting matchup.
But after that game I began questioning my sanity of expecting them to get stronger, faster and smarter as the game went along. And well we know how that one ended.
Look, let’s call it what it is. It is no secret the Jets have won only 4 games. Week 2 at Buffalo (w37-31), week 7 at Baltimore (w24-16), week 8 at Cleveland(w31-28) and at San Francisco (w23-17, OT). I don’t consider this progress by any definition. I do however consider it “embarrassing…just embarrassing.” (B. Marshall)

So tomorrow, we may not see Matt Forte or Bilal Powell on the field and why should we. There’s no need. We however will see Fitzpatrick because “he gives us the best chance to win.” There will also be a lot of guys signed from the practice squad to ensure there are 11 men on the field. In week 2 against the Bills the Jets racked up 496 yards of offense with all hands on deck. But tomorrow there may just be a different story, an epic drama of offense, defense, and the will to live.
Jets momentum, Gang Green, jets finally win, Momentum by Soyica Lyles, New York Jets fan, jets fanaticIt is also no secret that the Jets lost their momentum for the season back in week 5. And it seems for this Jets team that how they finished the 2015 season is exactly how they started the 2016 season.
Hence, if an object at rest remains at rest and an object in motion remains in motions until some unbalanced force moves it, then now would be a great time for the Jets to signal to themselves and their fans that winning the last game of the season means the New York Jets in motion, moving forward becoming an unstoppable force.
I am ready and I hope you are too!



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