The Raiders just signed a young stud guard/tackle named Kelechi Osemele. He will be 27 years old when the season starts, but the Raiders locked him up on a 5 year, $60 million deal. It seems like great money for the Raiders to spend as it gives them a potential starter at LT to protect Carr who is a budding star.

It would seem like this is a great move as the Raiders are continuing to place a premium on protecting the QB. Osemele will be replacing Donald Penn, so let’s compare the two.

Year Donald Penn Kelechi Osemele
Overall grade 84.5 79.6
Pass grade 85.5 (680 snaps) 76.0 (644 snaps)
Run grade 77.8 (392 snaps) 93.4 (349 snaps)


What should that chart tell you? It tells me that the Raiders like to pass at roughly 63.5% of the time. That’s significant because Penn grades out significantly better in pass protection (top-15 in the league). Where Penn struggled was the run game. Alternatively, Osemele specializes in the run game. His 76.0 rating on pass plays ranks 31st among 77 qualified tackles.

What you’re seeing is that Osemele may struggle making the adjustment to being a Left Tackle on a regular basis. He was elite as a guard, and specialized in the run game. So, you may see the Raiders run a bit more this year. It’s not like Latavius Murray is a bad option.

Don’t be surprised if Carr’s sack numbers go up this year. I imagine Osemele is going to struggle a bit while making the adjustment to everyday tackle, but this could be a great deal. At 27 years old, Osemele should learn the position over time, and has the potential to become a franchise player.

Signing Osemele to play LT is a bit of a risk. The Raiders would benefit more from either leaving Osemele at guard (which would give them an elite inside presence), or moving Osemele to RT(better in run blocking) and having Austin Howard swing to LT as he specializes in the passing game.

The signing of Osemele is solid on all accounts as they’ve got a guy who is able to play 4 positions along the offensive line. It offers flexibility, and improves the run game immediately.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the experiment that is moving Osemele to Tackle.



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