I know everyone is still talking about the Brock Osweiler deal but with the release of oft injured RB Arian Foster, the Texans needed to do something. They did, by signing Lamar Miller, which is a huge upgrade. His biggest upside is his durability, he hasn’t missed a game due to injury during his career. The Texans need that kind of player in their run game.

Lamar Miller has been quietly good, in his four years in the NFL, he has never averaged less than 4 yards per carry. He hasn’t been over worked, only carrying the ball on average 160 times per year. Miller is a decent pass catching back, which will play well into the Texans type of offense.

I like this signing, it was a smart move by the Texans, who basically took the money they saved from cutting Arian Foster and gave it to Miller. The Texans are making some moves this year in free agency and I think this is one that will work out well for them.