With all the uncertainty of Drew Brees future in New Orleans after this season the franchise is trying to figure out if a 37 year old QB is worth giving a new contract to. Brees has been the glue that helped keep the city together after Hurricane Katrina but recently his future in New Orleans has come into question. The Saints QB is going into the last year of his contract and Tom Benson and the team have some tough decisions to make. The team is clearly in rebuilding mode and has holes on the defensive line and in the secondary. But if the team wanted to show a commitment to Brees one way might be by drafting the best pure receiver in the draft, Laquon Treadwell from Ole Miss to make the Saints quarterback look good.

Treadwell’s stock has been sinking since he decided to not run the 40 at the Combine in February. After running a 4.63 at his Pro Day in Oxford the Rebels’ receiver may have slipped to the late first round. But one thing you notice about Treadwell is that he catches everything that comes his way. Jerry Rice was very similar. He wasn’t a burner but he could get open and make catches when it mattered.

Treadwell made Bo Wallace and Chad Kelly look like Joe Montana and Peyton Manning the last two seasons at Ole Miss. Last year Treadwell was a second team All-American and finished with 1,153 yards and 11 touchdowns. He had his way with Alabama’s defense catching 5 passes for 80 yards and a TD leading the team to an upset win in Tuscaloosa. In the Sugar Bowl Treadwell went off for 81 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns in his last game as a Rebel against Oklahoma State.

If Treadwell can make Chad Kelly look that good imagine what he can do with Drew Brees, a future Hall of Famer? The Saints need help on defense but if you want to show Brees you are committed to him why not take Treadwell at #12 in the first round? The team can go after defense in the second round. Grab the best receiver and give Brees another weapon to build around. The Saints cut Marques Colston in February. His numbers have dropped in recent years but he was a big target in the Saints offense for Brees.

Ole Miss has a big following in the New Orleans area. Drafting Treadwell isn’t going to upset the fan base, especially if Brees can find him in the end zone several times next season and make it back to the playoffs. And that’s ultimately the goal. Get to the playoffs and put Brees in a situation where he can have a big year and have an opportunity to get another ring in the Big Easy.

By drafting Treadwell the Saints could kill two birds with one stone. They get a great receiver for Brees to throw to and they encourage the legendary QB to come back after next season, hopefully at a reasonable price.