Let’s get down to it.


If you’re going to call yourself a true Browns fan you can probably recite the past decade of horrible first round draft picks. Also thrown in are the early rounders that were good enough to keep but seemed to meet an injury with our own practice facilities.

Other plans become exhausted when the players themselves become the problem. Let’s use our latest name plate on the plaque of problematic players to demonstrate. Johnny manziel. Once thought to be an honorable quarterback from Texas. Winning the heisman trophy and everything. But one year in the nfl destroyed him. Two years with the Browns just told him he shouldn’t act a football every chance he gets. A couple more years of college ball would’ve served him well.

Although Johnny Football is no longer our problem, I can’t help but root for him. It’s almost an unspoken bond for every player to leave Cleveland and play at a much higher level somewhere else. So according to legend, ol number 2 will do great things.

Oddly enough another offensive positions lack of luster could be to blame. Both the running game and the o-line have been less than good the last couple of years. With injuries everywhere and egos a plenty, everybody let it become complicated. One team cannot be eleven people. Eleven people must play together as one team. It’s been looking like everybody is on their own pages of their own playbook. With couch Petine no longer calling the shots, perhaps now the real athletes can take the field. Not to treat him like a punching bag but if you’re an nfl coach and you attempt field goals in the red zone on third down, take a seat buddy. Leave the headset in the office.

It’s easy to blame the players and blame the coaches. But as a fan I know that it’s not our fault. We still get excited every preseason. Even after going 0-4. On the flip side, when we tip the scales towards winning, the fruit is much less sweet. It’s ironic to me that Cleveland is literally embodied in the sport of football, and the tiny tough bulldog is our true mascot. The underdog of the century.
Perhaps if we stop trying to bury all the little bones apart, we can land the big one together.